Police chase

Five youth arrested for Recent Vehicle Break-Ins

March 6th, 2007, Prince Rupert BC- Charges are being recommended against several youth, following a Police pursuit early on the morning of Sunday March 4th. Police were called to the BC Ferry Terminal shortly after 05:00 on Sunday morning. A man waiting at the terminal observed several youth trying to break into vehicles and called police on his cell phone. When members arrived at the terminal, they observed one male run from a nearby truck and jump into a waiting vehicle. That vehicle fled the scene and refused to stop when officers activated their lights and sirens.

Police pursued the vehicle through Prince Rupert and eventually to Wantage Road, at the base of Mount Hays. Although the pursuit was at low speeds and there were very few people on the roads, the pursuit was eventually broken off by police due to the terrible conditions on Wantage Road. The suspect vehicle and four suspects were located a short time later with the assistance of the Police Dog Unit. Two additional suspects were identified by the youth, one of whom turned himself in to Police later in the day.

In all, six suspects were identified, five have been arrested. The youth were all later released to the parents, two of them on a Promise to Appear in court. Charges are being recommended against those two, a 17 year old resident of Prince Rupert faces five counts of Mischief and one of Theft. The driver of the vehicle, also 17 years old, faces five charges of Mischief, and one of theft as well as Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle and Flight from a Peace Officer, for causing the pursuit. Charges are being considered against the other four suspects including the sixth suspect who left Prince Rupert on Sunday morning.

Prince Rupert RCMP have recovered a large amount of stolen property from the suspect vehicle as well as from the residence of youth and will be working to return those goods to the owners.



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Totally witnessed this.

At about 5:30am on Sunday, I was walking home.

Can hear sirens off in the distance, no biggie.

Blue 2-door Cavalier, looked about '93, comes flying down Taylor St, with 3 police cars in hot pursuit. Go down through the 8th/9th West area, then up towards the mountain.

Glad to finally know what the deal was. I had assumed a heavy mix of drugs and alcohol, and actually somewhat glad to hear that that wasn’t the case.

Not the brightest of bears however, I mean

  1. driving down Wantage road is taking your life in your hands at the best of times, you may drop into a pothole never to be seen again.

  2. where exactly were they going to go?

Only road off of Wantage leads up a mountain, with no other exit… at least they made it simple for the police…

Maybe they were supposed to be heading for maverick mart to pick up some discount furniture…

They were just a bunch of young adolesense tryin to get a rise outa the cops…and they did…stupid kids…most of them got caught…

Kevin. Haha its a two door car. THat was a brutal night.
I  was stupid enough to go along. I dont know.
I stoped hanging with that crowd. Now im an honour roll student.
If it was a four door car i would jumped out
I was screaming. " Let me the fuck out ".
But of course ima girl
no one listens to me.

That’s my car with the twins on it… hahaha, good luck stealing that thing!!!

On a related note, Rupert is a bad place to steal cars. Just ask Transcending about how his truck got stolen!

Not that I was overly worried with the loss but the fact still stands someone stole my truck.  I’ll find out who did eventually. 

And remember kids, when you steal someone’s truck, remember to check the gas gauge so you don’t end up half way to Terrace stranded.

Just because the keys are in the ignition doesn’t mean I want you to take it.

Someone stole my buddy’s jacked up Ram from his house while we weere out of town last month… Fairly bold considering most people in these parts know eachothers trucks. This thing had about 10" of lift and 22" chrome… Was found in Fairview all parted out. He’s driving an 02’ H2 now  :confused:

dancer babe you were not screaming to get out everyone was quite and for you not hanging out with that crowd anymore it was not your choice also for being on the honour roll since march 4th give me a break you where one of the ones begging the driver to go out for your joy ride


[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Things just haven’t been the same since English became an elective subject…


Actually i was screaming, and yeah it wasnt my choice to stop hanging with them. But whatever it was a good choice. It wasn’t my idea for a joyride i was sleeping and people were making tom go out, and then they told me to go. Which it was cruising so i was like okay, thats fun then it turned into that


is it true, that after all this, no one is getting charged?

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just got news of this on HTMF. I don’t agree with you giving names out just to let you know, I know 3 names you gave out, this is a small town and there is always  someone who knows someone you have no right to slag any one off. You wanna chat chave? Think we need a thred for teenagers maybe our local RCMP can set up a Tell all don’t do all program oh no its already happing.

no worries mate, a the “driver” a friend of mine… cant give out his name anymore told me i should delete these, he doesnt want his name on here