Poles missing?

Quick question, the park up by the hospital, were there three poles standing before they were searching for the time capsule?  :confused:

Do you mean this place?

No, I think the one she’s talking about is Totem park, which is that hill directly across from the hospital parking lot, just up the street from Skyline Manor.

Mig, yes, were there not three poles, two over to the right of the only pole standing today?  And thank you for the photo.  :-)

Sorry Bubba, Mig has the right park, but thank you.

Only one pole in the Google streetview.  That was summer 2009.  So if they were there, they were gone before then.

The one Bubba mentioned was the one where the time capsule was buried.

How many poles there?

Thank you again Mig, just was talking to a long time resident who thought there were three there, thought I missed it and it is great to get clarity right away.  :)

Thanks Soggy for clarity, I honestly thought it was this park the time capsule was in, not sure why, but I did.  Do you think if they scouted it out in this park, they may find it?  hee hee   :wink:

Really appreciate the quick response to my question!!   :smile:

Can’t remember exactly, however there was an aerial photo in the Daily Snooze and I remember more than one. Could be a faulty memory though.

Ok, definitely more than one at Totem park.

Maybe they got the wrong park when they started searching for the time capsule!  :smile:


hee hee, you think Mig?  Honestly I thought the park that I mentioned was the one they were originally looking for that darn time capsule.  Do you think they will scout it out now that it is mentioned?  :smile:

Well, I wasn’t around when they buried it, but I assume those who were aren’t remembering the wrong location.  Though I thought the same thing as you – that it was the 1-pole park where they were looking for the capsule.  

Maybe it’s because those old photos didn’t show any trees.

hee hee Mig, I too was not here during that time. It is surprising though that it was not marked back then to secure retrieving the time capsule.  :smile:

You also have to remember the soil composition here. It’s very possible that they knew where it was, before, but as time goes on, and things shift around, it moved. There’s a reason for the retaining wall near the cemetary…

yeah i’d imagine the soil is really rich where it runs into the ditch at the cemetary

That’s just gross…

lol yeah it is prety gross considering most headstones are like 15 20 feet away from the cofins because of soil errosion all the corpses are moving downhill slowly but surely

I’ve walked the road below to the viewpoint and the runoff does indeed have a funky odor.

I don’t think it is a “body” smell, maybe the chemical residue that is left, but one would think that it would be more of a boggie ( ie form the word “BOG” not sure if this is the correct term)  smell as the cemetry is a Bog due to the high content of muskeg. I was at the original ceremony when the time capsule was buried. With all the soil erosion it is probably now part of a house foundation somewhere along the backside of the hill.

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