Polar bear swim

What time is the Polar Bear swim?

one p.m. rushbrooke floats.

Brrrrrrrrr…  I think it takes a very insane person to swim in the ocean here any day, let alone in the dead of winter.

Agreed.  My hat goes off to the brave *cough crazy cough souls who choose to dunk themselves in the frigid ocean:)  I did this once when I was a young man 25 years ago.
Brrrrrrrrrr indeed! :astonished:

cough fishguts cough

LMAO :smiley:

Good time.

Oh, I GET it now!!  You have to be really, really DRUNK to do it!  That way you stay warm! :astonished:

The sales of Fireball radically go up around New Years :smiley:

That last picture is neat.  It looks like his face is reflected twice so his reflection is not reversed.

Anyone know what time the polar bear swim starts??

right now hop in and wait for everyone lol

prolly have something in paper day before

always started at 1:00 pm on New Years Day…

Think your right,  so whos going???

All I know is you have to get there very early as they run out of hot chocolate and donuts really fast !  I think all of our RCMP are down there  :smiley:

theres also a polar run, which ends at the swim…I cant remember where it starts - but I think it begins at noon - check facebook, facebook knows everything :smiley:

The Rupert Runners invite everyone to come out at 12:00 PM on January 1, 2010 and participate in the 1st Event of the Year, the “New Year’s Resolution Runâ€

polar bear swim.  let me ask who actually enjoys there balls disapearing up into there body  if i need to swim im just fine with goin ot the  warm pool . ps  in our ocean the water will give you hypothermia in approximatly 10 minutes i dont really think we should encourage people to swim where they actually might die ha ha

Use “swim” loosely.  Most people just wade in and right back out, or the adventurous jump off of the dock, and get right back out.  There rarely is anyone really “swimming.” 

There’s also usually more people watching the event, than there is participating.  I love how the Lions and Sea Cadets usually have big groups of people participate and usually have a theme or props.

Kind of think it would just be a bit cold on the old boy but maybe fun to watch, sounds like a good time. Hot coffee would be inviting as well.