Polar bear Swim 2008

So any brave souls going to do the polar bear swim…I did it a few years back…was thinking about doing it this year…might just take pictures instead…anyone else?

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I think you should of posted these pics on this thread :smile:

hackingthemainframe.com/smf/inde … l#msg99743

I tried that a few times years ago…too freakin cold for my taste.  Those people are brave or crazy. :smiley:

Pics from last years polar bear swim. I’ll be there with camera again but forget stripping to a bathing suit I’ll be wearing my 3 in one winter jacket and long johns!

what time?

does anyone know when it is tomorrow??
it would be a great way to sober up in the morning :laughing:
freeze my ass off, take a few pics, have a cup of hot coco then go home and throw up for the remainder of the day  :smiley: :smiley:
only problem is i dont know what time it is … :confused: :astonished: :neutral_face:

Polar Bear Swim is always 1pm at Rushbrook.

Some of my photos are up of the 2008 Polar Bear Swim now.

here’s a sample

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some more from today…

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Those that make it to the light are the tough ones! 
Some friends of mine were going to do it today in a river, after cutting a hole in 50 cm ice!  Brrr!

You don’t have a photo of them walking back up the ramp do you?  :wink:

here u have  people leaving up and out…

there was 4 to 5 seals waiting for people to join them…last photo there are 2 seals…

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it was a little nipply out…that rain sure does get to ya

I did it!  It was super-fabulous. 
Ran all the way there so I’d be good and warm - good times.