Poker Chips For Sale

With Texas Hold’em poker being all the rage these days, I bet there is someone out there wondering where they can get their hands on some higih quality, great looking poker chips. Have I got a deal for you…

I have a set of practically new poker chips for sale. I won them on an eBay auction and have used them once since I bought them. There are 650 in the set.

They are in perfect condition and come complete with two decks of cards, dice, and a hard shell aluminum case. I’m asking $75.00 for the set. I paid a little more than that for them on eBay.

Here are a couple of pictures of the chips: … ipCase.jpg … rChips.jpg

If you are interested in them or want to see them in person, leave me a Private Message or email me at


I would buy them for $60, no lie either… if you can’t find anyone else give me a shout.

Funny thing is, i found lots of 1000 chip sets for like 16$

And I bet the cheap plastic is worth all that $16 too.

The cheap plastic wons probably don’t have the same weight as the expensive ones have. If that matters to you… ahah.

Yeah i dunno about those cheap dollar store ones… I like the heavier chips as well…they sound much better when you toss them in a pile.

Last chance!

I have someone that wants them for less than I’m asking so I’m open to offers between $65 and $75.

No no, those 1000 for $16 are probably legit.

I won 1000 for $36 odd USD, as well as a 300 set for $15.95 USD. Legit high-quality clay chips. Shipping costs for 70lbs of chips and exchange rate later, $220 CND.

I haven’t had to use the 1000 set yet, but I figure I’ve got at least another couple years of life left to live and who knows when I might need more than 300 chips?

I’ve played with those same chips you’re selling. Very nice quality, $65 is a reasonable price.

$49.95 at Overwaitea in PG … and I bought a set in Kamloops at a high end mall store, $59.95.


i would have paid $75 for those chips, INDEED!

also the 1000 sets im talking about are good quality shit, when i do the 24 player tourneys we need um -