Poem i made in grade 5


what is it?
do you even know
is it made up?
is it all true?
do they really love you?
Or just use you?
Think and wonder is it true?

I made this in grade 5 and im in grade 7… Please tell me what you think


Where does the expression “poppycock” come from, anyway? Is it anything like a shuttlecock?

It’s a flower thing.

i wrote a poem myself in grade 5 too. its about my dog.

my dog eats
my dog sleeps
my dog mates
my dog gets up to eat
then goes back to sleep

okay here’s one that got me to the principal’s office in grade 5 or maybe 6

one two what’ll we do
piss in a bucket a half past two
go out and vote for Spiro Agnew

he just told me I was ‘weird’ and sent me back to class…

It was weird…

i turned my poem into my teacher for humanities, because were doing poetry. but i got a 9 out of 10. still good for something i made up in a minute when i was 11

Poppycock comes from a couple of Dutch words, “Pappe” and “Kak”, or something like that. Basically it translates into “Soft Shit.”

Here is a great poem

Go See Batman Begins,
And Then See it Again.

I want to go see it tonight so I get in for free!!