Podunk Below the Masthead, Monday, April 20, 2009

A good read from PRSS, a few words of information for the public from local paramedics and some background on the proposed budget make for the highlighted items of the news in Monday’s paper.

PRINCE RUPERT SECONDARY STUDENTS BRING LITTLE BEAR TO LIFE-- Monday’s headline, front page story provided some background on a project being put together by Prince Rupert Secondary School students, a children’s book that will bring the Khutzymateen to life for children everywhere…

(from  the blog a town called podunk, click on the link below to see the entire article atowncalledpodunk.blogspot.com/2 … 6916890952 )-

Ohhh. So this is why you defended the story as legit news in the Mercer thread.

Perhaps you could care to expand on the comment above so I can properly answer what I gather is a question…

You took exception to my comments about Baker’s “Little Bear” story being a repeat of an old story done less than a year ago. Now seeing that the story was placed prominently on your blog, I figured that your defence of the paper repeating the story was not so much about it being new as it was about you liking the story and perhaps not knowing it had already been done until I brought it up.

No my defence of the story such as it was had nothing to do with the posted item on the blog, as that is a recurring feature on a daily basis which basically just highlights the top couple of stories in the paper that day. No cheering section there sorry, just a recitation of what was on the front page or on page three.

The original point on the Baker story was that it was a news item as the Book and CD had been launched this week, making it news worthy of sorts, but again as I said in the original post probably not a front page headline type story. 

Hmm. Okay, Podunkian one. I’ll give you that. :smile:

I still think the story should have been much shorter as a large chunk of it was repeat filler; they seem to be straining to fill it with local stuff lately, with all that white space and huge photos.