Please taze me bro

Please taze me bro.

That guy is either a beast or high out of his mind to take a tazer and be able to run away like that. Crazy.


That was great.  I love that guy’s ability to jam out his tune under such pressure.

well if he had a stapler they woulda set it higher

Behold, the power of meth.

Wow.  :smiley:

too lazy to go after him lol. but really why did they tazer him ? for not liking his singing?

Rock on, sweet prince. Rock on. :sunglasses:

Perhaps there is a god and his name is That Guy.

He was resisting–they couldn’t get his arms behind his back to get the cuffs on. Noorrrrmally tazing him would have rattled him enough that they could whip his hands around him and get him cuffed, but this guy had other plans!  :unamused:

WTF was he resisting? they couldn’t even tell him why they were going to arrest him with!!!

what was his other plans his wife was left with the cops. they could go to his house. or arrest the wife.

these cops were stupid cops…

The cops should have tasered the the videographer. Poor work. 

WTF was he resisting? they couldn’t even tell him why they were going to arrest him with!!![/quote]

There was a warrant for his arrest. They told him so, and that he was under arrest for it.

[quote]Guy: “What am I under arrest for?”

Cops: “It doesn’t matter.”

Guy: “Yes, officer, it does”.

for changing his name “look it up” LOL come on

the power of Christ compels you

It’s not a police officer’s job to have a conversation with someone while they are struggling and resisting arrest. When the video starts we see them already struggling with him on the ground. Only they know what got them there, but clearly the incident didn’t start there. They explained twice that there was a warrant for his arrest. He still resisted. At that point it really doesn’t matter what the charges are on the warrant, the police are going to focus on securing him for his safety and for theirs.

Perhaps it was a poor choice of words, but the resistor was using a common tactic of trying to stall the arrest by asking endless questions.

Ultimately yahweh came to his defense though so it worked out well for him.