Please help me locate "Shiney"


I don’t want to post Shiney’s last name, but the initial of her last name begins with “O”.  If you have Shiney’s email address, could you please send me a personal note through the message feature?  I know that she is out of town, but its imperative I reach Shiney to pass along an urgent personal message.

Thank you, in advance, for any possible help here.

Can you give us any other info without breaking any confidentiality? We might be able to assist you then, at least I hope so.  Good Luck and keep us posted…

There has been a matter tonight which directly impacts Shiney to which she must be notified.  The only thing I could give the police is that she is away (omitting date of return for obvious reasons here), and have no telephone number to reach her.  She has been a resident of Prince Rupert for (at least) 20 years… at least that is when I met her.  Her background forte is her pastery chef… she’s always had a nack for it.  There aren’t too many people with the name “Shiney” (proper spelling), and am hoping that someone who does know her just might have her email address.  I wouldn’t be too concerned if she was coming home (like say) tomorrow, but she isn’t.

Thanks for posting.

Better yet, if you have her e-mail address leave her a note instead of giving out her addy to someone she has not given it to herself.

i know a shiney ill try and gett a hold of hold of her see if its her. may be in a couple places she likes to travel you never know

Thanks for the posts here and the private messages.  It does appear that there are are a few who do know her.  I have some leads, thanks to the pm’s, but am still in persuit of her email address, as its the only means of reaching her at this time.

Again, thanks.

she is on facebook if you cant find her

I do hope everything goes alright .

Me too.

Brilliant.  I found her and see I have one mutual friend.  I’ve sent a message in hopes she does check her facebook.

    I am sure I speak on behalf of everyone here and wish you and her all the best of luck.  So glad you connected with her :smiley:

if you want to know where she works pm me ill tell u since you dont want personal info of her on here :wink:

We haven’t connected yet. I was, however, able to forward her a message to her facebook.  I just hope that she checks her facebook. 

I just sent you a quick note.  Thanks.