Pleasant Customer Service Lacking

I can’t help but feel the lack of Happy and Helpful customer service in Prince Rupert. I find myself responding “You’re Welcome” since the person I am saying it to has no desire to say it back as I try to practice basic manners that seems so difficult to most people. I understand people can have a difficult and off type of day but I can’t be the only person left with the basic common courtesy?! I work in sales and take great pride in being polite and making sure the customer is satisfied, I have always seen comment cards as a helpful tool never a negative thing, I mean after all customers are what make your wage.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar to this?  :neutral_face:

Only in Rupert in recent years, and it’s only going to get worse.

The exceptions are Safeway, Overwaitea, and most local businesses such as Homeworks and Entire IMO. They’re pretty good.

Warehouse One is the worst for customer service.

Like I said before, NWCC should offer customer relation courses.

Went for smorg here in the Fort. A waitress asked if we’d be having smorg and what we wanted to drink. Then went and stood beside the other one at the till.
After 10 minutes we got up and grabbed an opening plate.
And ate it.
And filled a second one and sat down.
Then the other one (the senior waitress) came over and said Holy Shit, I didn’t even see you! What would you like to drink?
So we ordered again and she brought it right away.
That was GOOD service in the Fort.

They have a waitress who isn’t the owner. Friday and Saturdays and banquets they hire the handicapped to make her job harder.
When the Chamber has El Gordo for a dinner speech there can be five or six of them scratching there heads by the bar so you have to push them out of the way to refill your coffee or get of drinks for your table.

I often wonder how Mommy and Daddy took you out for dinner every Friday for 16 years and dragged your ass along shopping for at least 12 years and you never even noticed the functions of those lesser beings who served you or how a ‘store’ or cafe worked.
Discovering you’re not royalty must be one hell of a shock, eh? … Code=CE011

Whoa… forgive my ignorance on this one. =.=’

I have never had a problem really with any customer service in Rupert with one exception if restaurant service counts.  I had dinner with a friend at Cu’s, we were the only two in the place, we ordered and after approx. 20 minutes finally received our meal, mine was soup.  We were quietly trying to chat and the whole time the owner and the server were either on their cell phones or yelling amongst themselves at the back counter to the point we could not even hold a conversation. Neither one came to ask if we were OK and when we finally decided to leave, I left a tip (for what, I dunno  :unamused:) ,the owner actually picked it up, for a $20 meal, I left $5, looked at me, rolled her eyes and walked away.  I have not been back since.  I don’t think, that with the lack of service or consideration we received, she should have been tipped at all but the soup was good so I tell myself it was for the chef !

Hello HTMF!!This is my first reply to a thread!!!This subject is right up this gals ally!!!
YES YES Rupert has bad customer service in just about every business I’ve been into :frowning: :frowning: :blush:Let me start first by saying i have allot of experience in this sector and understand why this is happening!!Top of this totem pole is the owner/operators of the mostly family owned businesses.Their attitude’s are the first to look at ,if they lack customer service so will their employees.Second is the training of employees.Alot of businesses seem to just hire and throw the employee to the wolfs.The owners argue in plain view of customers and employees and set the stage for what is happening now.I tried to help my family run a business here in Rupert.But their attitudes were so bad that i had to call it quits.Training in the workplaces here in Rupert need help!!!Just to make you all laugh we need Gordon Ramsey to come to Rupert!!!lol

Just a note, the animal at the top of the totem pole is weakest.  The animal at the bottom of the totem pole is strongest, as it has to carry the others.

    thanks dave…didn’t know that  :smile:

I haven’t noticed any particular problems with customer service in stores businesses or restaurants in this town compared to other places.  Treat the person well and they will usually treat you well enough, with rare exceptions.  On the rare occasion when I receive poor service I don’t go back.  If I had lots of time I would take it up with the manager, but it is really his responsibility to ensure good customer service, not mine.

did not know that thanks for the info!!! :astonished:Just sayin it could be better with just better training and understanding of people in general.Everyone is different and it takes the right kind of personality to do customer based jobs.

I was in PJ’s about a week ago and decided to get some of the chicken and taters… the girl working there didn’t say a single word to me and just looked really pissed off by the fact that I had DARED to ask for such a thing, and refused to make eye contact with me.

I was with a friend and made some sort of comment under my breath about bad customer service and my friend looked at me and said “Maybe she’s just having a bad day”

I thought about it for a second and looked a bit closer… the girl was obviously sick, and when we had come in a man was storming out swearing under his breath… Sometimes its easy to just say ‘poor customer service, what a rude person’ without really knowing the situation… it was close to midnight and this girl was very sick and tired looking and had just had what would seem to be a very rude customer…

I made an effort to smile at her and engage in some conversation and what a world of difference it made! She was quite nice, actually…

I know that a bad day is no excuse to have poor customer service, but sometimes there’s a reason… and most likely if you are polite to them they will return the favour…

I totally agree with you on this, people can and will have bad days at work. I’m mainly talking about the people that seem no matter what good or bad they have the negative, rude attitude, like me walking into their store and wanting to buy something is a complete inconvenience. Especially in times like today we are LUCKY to have a job at all, even if it’s a lower paying job I think you should try to enjoy yourself and enjoy the customers (the friendly ones)

I’m a happy go fella at work,but it seems people just have so much going on
in there lives and also there kids lives,you can feel it there just so much stress.

i dunno i think the midget lady was really nice and helpful.  oh if you’re lookin at this sorry and i like the pants ahaha.

That’s the only nice thing about this store. LMAO  :smiley:

I’ve rarely encountered poor service in Rupert!!! I think as whole this town has an excellent reputation for exceptional customer service.  :smile:

Imagine that, the nicer of a thing you say, the least response you get.

BTW, I feel the same way as stacked sports about customer service in this town. In fact, I find less customer service when I go out of town then when I’m here.

havent really noticed much of customer service in town but then again i dont shop in town other than safeway and zellers and a few restaurants . safeway is the best out of all them. zellers out of the 100 staff most are good and restaurants most are good except mcdonalds of course lol

My main unhappy experience was at the video store… no eye contact, no concern, a big sigh when I asked a simple question. I was not happy