Plane to Masset goes down

I heard a floatplane to Masset had to ditch yesterday but that everybody got taken off it by a DFO boat…

Anybody have any info? Was everybody okay? Was the plane salvaged?

A friend who was on it told me that there was water in the gas tank or something. It took off then started to sputter and choke out. They landed safely in the water pretty scared but not hurt at all.

On the Podunkian’s site, he linked to a story at the QCI observer: … rsday.html

“The situation was unusual, he said, but it was not dangerous. Every aircraft should be able to land without its engines working, he said. The plane has three fuel tanks and the pilot could have switched tanks, he said, but in this case the plane was too low to do that.”

“It’s a good news story, it all worked well,” he said. “We’re happy that everyone was okay.”

Here’s the link to the full story with details: