Pizza hut update!

So now how do most of you like pizza hut, is the service  and food any better?

I havent gone back since it opened!!! over priced for me :unamused:

I haven’t gone there yet.  I like La Cucina.

Just came back from La Cucina.  Service was aweful.  The server seemed to ignore us most of the time. I was done eating and waited to have my left overs taken away and wrapped up. We gave up waiting for her and stood up and paid.  There were two ladies who came in long after us the came up to pay right after us with their food doggy bagged.
Food was okay, but that place needs a good cleaning.  Kind of scummy.

Sheesh.  That is really sad.  There is a for sale sign on La Cucina. :confused:

It really is too bad, since restaurants like that live and die by reputation.  Let’s hope it turns around soon.

Agreed.  I really like that place, I hope they don’t pack it in.

I miss going out for pizza!

We’re making goat cheese pizza at home tomorrow night.  We can’t eat cow milk products without getting sick.

That sounds awesome, Princess! :sunglasses:  I love homemade pizza.  My 14 year old cooked dinner for us tonight (homemade pizza)…wonderful! :smiley:

not enough toppings. dough really oily, and they screw up orders all the time.

Order from there often and have no compalints i also eat in there to. only complaint for in the restaurant is that staff is a bit slow. but same as other places.

I’ve only been inside once, and had the pizza twice.  Both times the pizza was disgusting.  It was oily, the cheese was in huge clumps, and the dough had the consistancy of rubber.  The salad, bread sticks, and chicken wings were good though.

I’ve only eaten at Pizza Huts three or four times in my life, but I’ve found this to always be the case. It’s not a knock against the local operation, it’s just that I find that recipes and/or ingredients disagreeable.

Thanks for the reviews smartass and Eso. :smile:  The food sounds disgusting.

Their pepperoni is always to crispy and crunchy. Blech. I used to prefer Pizza Hut, but I’ve gone back to Zorbas. 2 for 1, and very yummy.

For me it’s usually La Cucina, unless it’s late at night, in which case I hit up Rodho’s, or Panago.

The guy at Zorba’s (Antoine?) is my hero, though,  because this one time after a few too many pops at the softball field at the Civic Center, we ordered pizza at 3:00am on a Wednesday (technically Thursday by that time, but I digress…), and he delivered.

I’ve never had a pizza from the Pizza Hut in Terrace that was greasier than fried bread and had clumpy cheese… so I believe the one in Terrace has better food.

I remember that!
Oh, such good times, lol  :smiley:

And on the Pizza Hut issue…worst pizza in town.
I have no idea how they managed to snag Daily News 2008 Best Pizza pick.  :confused:

The staff was probably promised free booze if they all voted for themselves!

you are such a… oh i don’t know smartass :smiley: