Pizza hut goes overboard

There are really two issues in this thread and we shouldn’t confuse them:

  1. Cell phone jammers: They are illegal. You can’t just install one as a solution to #2.
  2. Cell phone ettiquette: When staff are working they shouldn’t be using thier cell phones. When customers are in a restaurant they should be respectfull of the people around them when using a cell phone.

How Pizza Hut stays in business is the question I wanted answered… The arrogance of the owner-managers from Terrace putting in a jammer really gets me… Often people stay longer and buy more when they can sit and text, check emails etc… I know that Derrick has tried really hard there, but the owners from Terrace are tough to deal with

According to tiggertool the cell phone jammer is now gone.

I dunno, but I gotta go with MiG on this one!!!

Vigilante jamming cell phone calls on city buses to help preserve peace and quiet
By Tecca

PostsBy Tecca | Today in Tech – Thu, 1 Mar, 2012EmailPrint
Those who would dare violate the public peace in Philadelphia, consider yourself on notice: You have a sworn enemy. He’s not quite as noble as Superman, and his gadgets aren’t up to par with those used by Batman, but to those sick of loud cell phone conversations on city buses, he’s a genuine superhero.

His name is Eric — last name withheld by request. His tactics are simple, but terribly effective: He uses a cell phone jammer to interrupt loud conversations on the city’s number 44 bus route, resulting in dropped calls.

“A lot of people are extremely loud, no sense of just privacy or anything,” said the DIY hacker to an NBC affiliate in Philadelphia. "When it becomes a bother, that’s when I screw on the antenna and flip the switch.

“I guess I’m taking the law into my own hands and quite frankly, I’m proud of it.”

Though some may agree with Eric’s version of Radio Shack justice, jamming cell phone communications is a federal crime. The type of device used could easily interrupt crucial emergency communications, though city transportation officials insist that their buses’ communication systems are impervious to this type of jamming.

If caught and prosecuted, Eric could face a $16,000 fine as well as jail time. After learning of the consequences, he has agreed to get rid of the device


This article was written by Fox Van Allen and originally appeared on TeccaMore from Tecca

I guess the management technique of slight oversight, well structured goals and benchmarks for performance, coupled with decent pay, good food and a good judge of character of staff has kind of slipped the equation if jamming cell phones to control staff was in effect.

Most establishments just need hot waitresses and good food and they flourish lol

Honestly people, can’t you go an hour without your cell phone? What is the big deal?

Nothing worse then a Hot Pizza Cheese stuck to the roof of your mouth , then your cell rings and its someone asking what your doing ?

I don’t think anyone is arguing that you should be a douche with a cellphone in a restaurant. Just the opposite.

But at the same time, a restaurant doesn’t have the right (in fact it’s illegal) to jam your phone. What if a doctor on call can’t receive an important phone call and someone dies? What if a firefighter or other emergency worker can’t receive an important call? What if your babysitter needs to know where the allergy medication is located? What if someone is having a heart attack and you need to call an ambulance? I’m sure you can think of other reasons that a person may want to have a phone that isn’t jammed in a restaurant.

This is why jamming phones is illegal. And I’m sure this is the reason that Pizza Hut isn’t jamming anymore. Can you imagine the liability if your jamming caused someone’s death or something?

At the same time, if you’re a douche and talk (loudly!) on a cellphone in a quiet restaurant, then maybe they should ask you to leave.

I haven’t been in Pizza Hut for months due to the fact their employees are rude and leave you can leave you waiting up to 20 minutes. Now I’m intrigued, it’s a punishable offense to knowingly be operating a cell phone jammer in a public place and I almost want to go eat there to see if it is still in place.

If it is, I’ll be having a little talk with the CRTC.