Pizza Hut checking out old epicurean building

epicurean (is that how you spell it)?

That spelling doesn’t quite look right. Are they really checking out that spot? I always figured that would be one of the first spots to go if things turn around. It’s a nice sized place.


All right a new economic index to work with, the pizza index.

A community’s economic health is only as good as the amount of pizza places that call it home. I think we couuld be on to a whole new way of measuring the economy here folks!!

If it was measured on account of good pizza… Rupert’s screwed.

Chicago Deep Dish! Chicago Deep Dish!

I see they were also checking out the old Cablevision building at the enterance to the mall upper parking lot.

If I had the money I would buy that Cablevision building and renovate it to live in. :smile:


actually the best way to measure economic prosperity of a town in Canada is by how many Tim Horton’s you have!

Doesn’t Terrace have 3? Does that mean they’re prospering…

Victoria proper only had like 2 Timmies.

Pizza Hut used to be in Rupert sometime. I can’t remember but I saw it in an old phone book at the Fellowship church. Like 1984 or something.

Foreskin James once had 7 pizza places. This summer we went up to 2 again. You’re welcome to come and haul the new place away to Rupert anytime.
It’s not DISGUSTIO, it’s DELIVERY! You’re in Foreskin James! (twighlight zone music)

Yeah, I think it was down on 3rd across from the old KFC.

I believe it’s been a Pizza Hut, a Boston Pizza and more. It’s currently La Villa.

Yeah, I used to work there.  After Boston Pizza shut down, some other guy started up a pizza joint there.  Can’t for the life of me remember what it was called though.  I only worked there for a month or two, before they started laying people off.  It didn’t last much longer after that.

it was also angelo’s

I agree with you…man i so would love to live there also…need a roomate…lol

Actually the old Epicurean is across from the King Koin

And for true older residents it was once called the DYnasty

Epicurean lol. Those people must have seen the apartments upstairs and left town for good, full of drug dealers and drunks and the windows are all broken and sheets for curtains nice place to have a family dinner.

i used to do work in that building
rumor has it that the center of the building where the DJ booths are is actually bomb proof
lots of cool rooms
it would make a great recording studio