Pizza deliver?

Time to eat!

I went in today to ask for a menu and if they delivered.  No delivery yet, and no take out menus.  But the place looked pretty good.  I bet they will do good.  There is some food you can never get sick of.

So they are sit down only right now?

I thought that someone said a few weeks ago, that they were going to be take-out/delivery at first, with no sit-down.

I wonder if they will be taking orders online. I tried to check the Pizza Hut website but their site doesn’t even list Rupert’s store yet.

OMG haven’t you ever eaten at Pizza Hut?
HINT: can you say “Boyardee” of pizza?

I’ve eaten at some that were good and some that were bad. You’ll pardon us Herb if we try our new local one and decide for ourselves.

Ouch. I’m just a lurker in this rock and roll band, but I thought that we could have opinions here too, Crazy Mike. Pizza - it’s just pizza. We obviously don’t have enough excitment in our lives if we get stressed about who likes what… ah well, back to the lurk station…

Absolutely and I was just posting my opinion of his post. I assume that’s ok with you, lurker?

BTW, since you seem to care enough about how things run here to post might I suggest not lurking and instead become an active member of HTMF? This place doesn’t grow and survive based on lurkers.

AAHHHH, thanks for caring - everything is ok with me CM as long as nobody gets hurt when they’re running with the scissors in their hands! - or pizza cutter as may be…hey if it’s vegan pizza it rocks. Although I lurk, I am yet always ready to join in the fun where I sees it…

Heh, after reading the other thread about less-than-satisfactory restaurants I’d like to read a review about our new Pizza Hut.
Is the food in our newest restaurant any good?  It would be great to have another good place to try out. :smiley:

Pizza hut is nothing more than a glorified fast food place. Overly greasy undercooked pizza. At least  in the case of all of the pizza huts ive been to.

Panago is much better personally i prefer boston pizza greek pizza/californian > *

damm another lurker came out of the closet  … I dont feel so alone now :smiley:

Thanks for the reply:-)  I think I’ll stick with Epicurean for pizza here in PR.  Yeah, Boston Pizza is good, I haven’t had Panago as much to offer an opinion.

The Epicurean?  Have you not had pizza in 5 years or so??  :smiley:

Smartass should take hitest out on a date, his gourmet experience is clearly lacking!!!

Then again maybe the folks in the apts above are tossing out frozen pizzas to the bar crowd every night! :stuck_out_tongue:

Rodhos pizza is the best in town… in my opinion anyways.  If only the owner wasn’t such a dink… I’d go there more often.

Pizza - it’s just pizza.
Shadduppa you face, boy! Whaddayou know, hey? :smiley:

It’s just a place to go for brew & pizza with your friends now. The pizza choices are a shadow of what it was before they went ‘yuppie’, the quality generic. Pizza and wings, push the beer.
Just had a crew here, the gf’s son and it seemed like the half the crew of Prince George’s Victoria St. Wendys helped her move. They were raving at how good the pizza from Isola Bella here in the Fort is. 4 large, gone in 5 minutes.
PG is pretty bad for pizza, Boston Pizza’s one of the better ones there. Pizza Hut is now a used car lot. They call Panago “Gottago”. Grease bombs.

I like the guy at rhodos. Mind you I was friends with his son so that probably helps  :stuck_out_tongue:.

Either way its just pizza no need to make a big deal out of it.

Don’t denigrate pizza, it’s one of those things N Americans took and elevated into an actual food. It’s all about making it better, not worse.

Heh-heh :smiley: