Pit Bull

Anybody been seeing that crazy pit bull up on fourth west? That sucker is gonna hurt somebody real bad and I think the city pound should get him first. Has already circled a few people.

Who does he belong to? Do they take care of it properly and have it as a family pet or did they just get it because it’s a pit bull?

Word is the pit bull belong to the guy who owns the Tattoo shop on second and he lets it run lose. Cornered one lady a few weeks ago.

Concerns the whole block I think, they had a meeting last week about it. I’ve never seen the dog out front at all, only on the back porch. I’m sure the fellow has a couple small kids, and lives in a small white house pinned between two others across from the stairs. But anyway, if anyone else on 4th had their house attacked by a paintball gun…

This dog has been on the street many times, it has been brought up to the city’s attention. I don’t believe this owner has any children either, he won’t be biting me , I think one shot deserves one shot.

The best thing you can do is call the bylaw department each and every time you see it loose. That gives them the ammo they need to go after the owner for having his dog off a leash.


Or just hit it with your car.

Dylan, can I borrow your car?You can trust me , look at that face.

Is it still running wild? I have heard of a couple of incidents involving that dog. Pretty sure it belongs to the dude with the motorcycles, in the giant white house with the chimney that looks like it’s going to fall through the roof. Tattoo artist sounds like a good fit :wink:

Seriously though, is it still running around and harrassing people or is this just a post of what happened a few weeks ago?

Pretty much ongoing from what I have been told and I was asked if they can bring this kimd of stuff to city council noon mtg. on Tuesday?