Pipeline Bombings in Northeastern BC

what’s up with the pipeline’s being bombed up in northeastern BC?  Anybody know anything about it?

Bomb, what bomb? I was home all the time … honest!

as somebody who activly works in the oil patch i can share with you the thoughts around the water cooler.

there are two land claims in that area (one in direct involvment with sour gas line) that were resolved a number of years ago.  The party that recieved the settlement has recently come back to the table demanding more money.  the compaines who settled the claim initially laughed the idea out of the room, as the case had already gone to court, and monies had already been paid.  a week later the first explosion took place.  what i hear and others as well is the party wanting more money, knows it isn’t comming, and has therefor taken these measures.  that being said, it’s onlly water cooler talk in the patch, it could be an angry farmer or even local teenagers.  it could have been weibo ludwig except he came down with a case of bombers elbow and has since retired.

Well being in NORTHERN BC we can rule out who it wasn’t:

So it must be El Que-AIYEEE-DUHH!!