Pink House on 7th West

i don’t’ care about political correctness what so ever, in fact I’d be in on some thug tactics to clean up a town, that’s right up my alley, that being said if i was about to pull a drive by on somebody i sure would not post it on here

AHHHHH…I see I see…OK let me clarify…when a guy like me talks a bout a drive by I mean, literally drive by, have a look  THATS IT!!!  Not shooteing them all up and lodging bullets anywhere and everywhere.
Thanks Rollins for pointing it out.  I never had seen you taken aback on here.,…Yes I dont even own a peice …yet.

LOL, well I think here in Rupert at least, a drive by is still just that “drive by and look”, apparently in Rollinsland, a drive by means break out the AK-47’s and start a blastin…  Life in the big city must be much more dangerous than we realize…  :wink:

While I admire your willingness to take action mate, I am not sure that would achieve anything, condeming that house will force them to move, maybe next door to your house. They will have to relocate if that happens, so your not getting rid of the problem, you push it elsewhere, maybe its better to just leave them where they are. Every city will have citizens that live right on the fringe, these types cant afford the rent in a nice place, wherever they go it will have to be a dump, its all they can afford. If you really wanna cause them grief find out who owns the house, their landlord. You then type out several letters complaining about the “eyesore” to the city from several alias’s, so it sounds like all the neighbors are bitching. They will make him fix it up.

Yea, I’m sure if they didn’t spend all their money on beer, they might be able to afford a better place to live.  Or maybe all those empty beer boxes and bottle outside the door there is just for decoration.

Tha is pretty funny…I was wondering what ol rollins was upset about…took me a while to figure it out…

i was just looking out for ya, don’t want to see another guy go down for publicly advertising something of that nature, and ya, i guess my mind sees it the other way, being back in calgary there are shootings and killings left right and centre.  this city has turned crazy and everybody has gone bonkers. 

I appreciate it bro…I really do.  Your a good man rollins.

I know last month (or the one before that) the RCMP were looking for members of the public to join their Citizens on Patrol (C.O.P.) program…they had so few volunteers that they were contemplating canceling the program if they didn’t get more interest

  I heard that too and yet I haven’t heard any updates. Has it been cancelled? And whatever happened to that “little” bulletin we used to get in the mail from City Hall listing how they have missappropriated the towns monies :unamused: Can they not afford the paper anymore?  It made for very humorous reading…

Its electronic…

from this month’s e-rupert bulletin:

Citizens on Patrol

The City of Prince Rupert and Prince Rupert RCMP are still seeking volunteers to reactivate Citizens on Patrol. About 10 volunteers have expressed interest so far but the RCMP needs around 20 residents to be able to make a commitment to the training and give the program the best chances for success. As each of you can appreciate, the streets and neighbourhoods of Prince Rupert are experiencing activities and signs of activities that compromise the integrity and the feel of safety so valued by residents and so admired by visitors to our community. To involve the community to be responsible for its own safety and well-being, the City of Prince Rupert and Prince Rupert RCMP are seeking volunteers to reinvigorate the Citizens on Patrol program. The Prince Rupert Citizens on Patrol requires volunteers to keep the program alive.  The program is looking for volunteers that will assist the community by patrolling designated high crime areas to observe and report criminal activity.  This helps keep the community safe by deterring crime.  The patrol does not replace regular police patrols but supports efforts already in place.

To be a member of Citizens on Patrol you must:

    * Be nineteen years of age or older
    * Be a resident of Prince Rupert or own/operate a business within Prince Rupert
    * Be of good character
    * Pass a security screening required by the RCMP

At one time there were as many as 60 volunteers in our community but we are now in a position where the program may have to be cancelled due to lack of participation from community members. If you are interested in joining Citizens on Patrol please contact the Prince Rupert RCMP at 627-0700 to add your name to the interested volunteer roster.

Wow, you need to pass a screening test, to see what is happening, to be a Citizen On Patrol, If the average person see’s a crime, and call’s  the police, do they get screened, while reporting whatever might be happening??? One would like to think that they could help this wonderful lil city, by assisting the police, rather than being screened by them, Then again, could this be part of the reason that there are not many volunteers these days

Too many who wanted to join also use cannabis. Seems they frown on this type of behaviour for C.O.P.s volunteers. Go figure …  :sunglasses:

The exact reason I dont  volunteer for anything like that, I have a marijuana charge from 1990, I am officially a worthless criminal, because I smoke grass my opinion means nothing, my motives are all suspect and I am probably lazy and stupid. I’ll agree with the last two, but the grass has nothing to do with it. Heavy liquor and tobacco addicts are welcome though I am sure, decent law abiding citizens that they are. I consider the marijuana laws nothing short of a witch hunt. I predict a hundred years from now they will look back at the way people  were treated because they were canabis users and they wont believe it happened in what seemed to be modern, educated times. The surgeon general himself said “marijuana is safer than alcohol and tobacco by a long shot, it is the safest of all the recreational drugs used by canadians, the worst thing that can happen using canabis is getting caught with it.” He recommended the government completely legalize it, its toxicity levels are such that to bring harm to ones self with canabis one would have to consume sixteen hundred kilograms in a twenty minute period, it  cant be done, although I will give it a try. :smiley:

When and where? … I’ll be there to help!  :imp: