Pink House on 7th West

Does anyone know what the deal with this place is?  It looks like a crack house that should be condemned and all I see every time I walk by there is the door wide open with a bunch of people partying inside.  I’m surprised the city will go after all these run down buildings downtown but they won’t go after places like this.

There are many of these so called houses in and around there, city is too busy with port and trying to find five million dollars. Yes we have many crack houses out there and many more dealers.

I am game on doing some drive bys…heckle the dopers going to buy…make life a little miserable…these people have life to fricken easy.
didnt even know about a  pink house on 7th…but I wsill be doing a drive by in a hour or so.

Yea, as you go behind the store there on 6th, Pa’s Market I think it is, turn left when you get to 7th and there’s a pink house sitting back from the road with the door wide open and a bunch of people partying inside.  It’s disgusting in there too.  It looks like there’s garbage and beer bottles and cans everywhere.

Seriously…whena re we going to take back our city?..if this shit was happening in my hood…I would be snapping.
I seen on TV that the …I cant remember the name…Red Angels or Night angels the people that cleaned up New York are now mving in to HAlifax to combat crime.
Im gonna take a drive by the dump right now.

Enjoy the scenary  lol

That would be the Gaurdian Angels and yeah they hit New York and a few other cities but did not sit well with certain Law enforcers. This issue has been brought forward to concil on a number of occeassions via Moi and I am still waiting to see what is next. If you drive real slow down some back alleys around Moby Dick and that area you may come across some young ones hitting up in the back alleys. We have the makings of a mini downtown east side believe me.

well i guess if anybody gets shot from a vehicle on 7th the law will know what direction to look, you should be a little more discrete

ya i remember them

more info on them.

The Guardian Angels is a non-profit, international, volunteer organization of unarmed citizen crime patrollers. The Guardian Angels organization was founded in New York City in 1979 by Curtis Sliwa and has chapters in over 60 cities around the world.

Sliwa originally created the organization to combat widespread violence and crime on the New York City subways. The organization originally trained members to make citizen’s arrests for violent crimes. The organization patrols the streets and neighborhoods but also provides education programs and workshops for schools and businesses.

I doubt if anyone that hangs out in a place like that would call the cops  lol

When did you start worry about discrete and political correctness?


They would just do the typical, “you’re going to get your ass kicked,” routine.

Yeah they would probbaly need a plunge or a blast on the crack pipe first. 

Thats neighborhood is embarassing…its a frickin eyesore…its gotta be the worst hood on town…

Too bad city council knows the tourists won’t stray that far from downtown or I’m sure it would all be demolished.

never mind the tourists…im serious…we should form a gaurdian angels group…clean up the rot that has happened in this town.
So we can all be proud of where we live.  Thats totaly embarassing.

I definitely think you should do that Mcsash.

Thanks for the support Mike…Interseted in assisting?..I’m sure most are your clients anyhow…
I guess your allowed to armchair quarterback on this one with out getting to much grief from me.

Joining a group like that would negatively affect my occupation, in many ways.

Yeah I know…thats why you wont get any grief.
Many many ways your employment could be affected…
Anyhow…other groups wouldnt affect your employment at all.

Doesn’t Tony Briglio live on 7th West or has he moved?