Pine beetle outbreak adds to greenhouse gas woes

[quote]The cumulative impact of the beetle outbreak in the region will release 990 megatonnes of carbon dioxide-equivalent greenhouse gases from 2000 to 2020, said the NRCan’s senior research scientist, Werner Kurz.

“That’s equivalent to five times the annual emissions from the transportation sector in Canada,” Kurz told CBC News. “So these are very big numbers.”…

…“The impact of the mountain pine beetle on B.C. is so large that the release of carbon dioxide in the affected areas is greater than the uptake of all the forest of B.C. together,” said Kurz.[/quote]

source CBC

A frightening statistic indeed.  I heard this story on CBC radio today.  I doubt if the idiots in the government will do anything about this looming danger to the environment.

The entire Liberal caucus is knocking heads over how beetles can be forced to pay taxes.

While the NDP are planning on how to spend the taxes and the Conservatives are asking what the USA would do.  :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:

Other than burn down the forests, what is a solution?

That’s a waste.
It’s gonna generate the CO2 if we do fuck all.
It can generate the same CO2 and be controlled if we chop it down and grind it up. If it’s burned for new heat, net zero. If it’s burned as replacement for coal, oil, or gas or brewed into ethanol or methanol it’s a net gain.
If it’s used structurally, even to replace old railway ties, its a BIG gain.

Sounds like a plan. Lets cut the infected areas down and use them for particle boards, paper, whatever. Is there any known method to stop the pine beetle from spreading once the already infected/dead trees are removed?

I will take it all for my wood stove, the epa clean burning stove heats 95 percent of the house.

Love cutting wood with my  huskvarna 372xp!

Even better, let’s convince ppl pine beetles taste good.
Kellogs can grind up the trees and call it Special K with protein