Pictures and video

Does someone have any ideas where I can get some video or pictures of Rupert and surrounding areas. Looking to put this on a website featuring the area. Can not pay for them but instead I can give credit to the person and make sure that is visible to others. If you have anything email me at

I assume you would have to be aware of copyright and all that stuff but we have some great photographers as members on here.  “Dave” and “Photoguy” and a couple of others but I would talk to John at Shutter Shack as he may have some ideas or someone who belongs to the Camera Club.  I think their number is in the front pages of the phone book. The library maybe could help you too !

Youtube has some stuff as well. Believe it or not.

I’m sure you could just message the members of youtube and ask to use their videos.

Flickr Creative Commons search for Prince Rupert: … ss=2&s=int

You can legally use any of those photos as long as you give proper attribution.  

Mig!  You have one photo entitled: “Goodbye Prince Rupert”. 
Are you moving away from Rupert?