Pico pico

how do I add pico to my Mandrake 10? I’ve used it forever…

pico is the Pine editor, so I think if you do

urpmi pine

it should work.

It was already installed on my Mandrake 10. You probably installed a different set of options, though.

I also use pico almost exclusively, which is really weird, because I learned unix with vi.

But Pico seems to handle copy-paste better from/to other windows in Mac OS X, and it does justify and block cuts better, in my opinion.

I generally do all my real work™ in an ssh session to linux boxes from Mac OS X (with a few X11 apps thrown in sometimes).

Pico also works so nicely with the OS X terminal. When you resize the window, it redraws and takes it all the new space into account. Very cool.

No exactly as l33t as vi on a vt52, but hey, this is progress.

no package named pine

i guess i need to find it on the CDs. downloaded one pine rpm but it came up with library errors.

ok, google for “easy urpmi” and type in the commands that result from that script (choose north american mirrors, etc)

Don’t install RPMs manually, you’ll mess things up.

urpmi.addmedia main ftp://mirror.tuxpeople.org/distribution … drake/RPMS with …/base/hdlist.cz

and the rest contrib, updates, plf

It’s easier to ssh into the box and pico a file than to run into the backroom, start the GUI in root and KWrite changes. Can you tell me about hosts.allow and hosts.deny? I’ve set them to allow all for now and deny none. I can now access with ssh but webmin doesn’t come up…

thx MiG now i can pico everything…

got to read up on setting up webmin. can only work it from console

log in herbie you moron

If I wasn’t so lazy, I’d post the obligatory “because we use vi, they use emacs” t-shirt.