Photoshop CS

The kid has homework and uses photoshop CS at school and wants it put on his computer at home. Is it compatable with Vista ?? or can someone recommend something close  thanks

I recommend the GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program). It’s quite similar to Adobe’s Photoshop, but completely free.

It should work on Vista. Here’s a link to the Windows installer: … -setup.exe

Agreed.  The GIMP is an excellent program. :sunglasses:

Thank you team  it looks very interesting

Ive heared of a lot of problems with creative suite 3 and bellow for Vista especialy Vista Basic. I have also heared that the upgrade to cs4 is not as expensive as it has been in the past. I think however you should try the GIMP, Im going to.

P.S. Thank for the heads up on this Eso

I recently went from being ‘all photoshop’ to using GIMP - and I am pleasantly surprised.  Give a shot - since it’s free if you don’t like it (or the kid doesn’t like it) it’s not like it cost you money. :wink: