Thank you for posting this… its very creepy…

Yep it’s a digital time bomb.
Just waiting for someone to buy a 600lb machine surplus, haul it away and disassemble it and reassemble an old IDE computer with the hard dive, because your 6 year old documents might contain the secrets of life, the universe and everything.
Want one? Come haul it away and it’s yours.

not really. not into stealing identities or personal info. we go through one copier per year. probably 1000, if not more copies a day containing very sensitive and personal information that most thiefs would want.

Um, you just do a secure wipe of your drive when you get rid of a copier. Not rocket science. Just like when you get rid of a computer, you do a wipe as well, right?

completely agree. but i dont own the copier. thank god and i dont think they do that b4 it leaves.

i use a drill :smile: !


I’ve owned six or seven copiers with Fierys and hard drive. The copier guy takes the old one away when he brings you a new one. I truly don’t give a shit what’s on that hard drive. I won’t even ask when they bring my new Xerox machine this week. They’ll lie if they have to to make $800 a month on a lease.
But now that people want to worry about it, I’d be happy to erase a customer’s job file from the drive for an extra $5 if they ask.

I predict that photo copying prices will now be going up !

A lady handed the kid at work a book and asked to have a page with a song enlarged so she could read it. She does it, hands it back and says that’s fifteen cents tax included.
I was standing there and I asked if her grandson (I knew them, mentioned his name) would fetch her slippers for 15c.
She ended up laughing. “The little bugger would con me up to a twoonie first”

I go all Office Space on that motherfucker.