Photo stitching

I have tried a search and think this topic has been covered.

I am looking for a freebee program to make a sky line. please put me in the right direction

I use Photoshop Elements 4.  Not free, but often comes free with cameras and scanners. 

Do you have a digital camera?  Canon cameras also come with a CD full of programs – one of them does the stitching thing.  Do you know anybody with a Canon?

The cool thing about Photoshop Elements is that it not only stitches, but does the perspective thing.  Take a look here: … 424.0.html

Those two are the exact same photos, stitched together.  One uses perspective correction, one doesn’t.

Try this: … id=9361098

What camera did you use mig ? your SLR ? My Canon A60 ( 4 years old ) has stitching built in.

Speaking of stitching and picture work. I just spent 3 hours figuring out imovie to add a song and photos to do a photo movie EKKS!

The in-camera stitching doesn’t produce good results.  It’s just a guide to make sure you over-lap enough photos to make one big one.  I used my S500, in stitch mode, to take that shot of the cruise ship.

I don’t think an in-camera stitch by itself will produce a nice photo.

Um.  Just drag in the photos, drag in the song?  You took three hours to figure out that? :wink:

200 photo’s one song. had to resize all the pictures one at a time along the time line. And i was playing with the software to see if i can slow down pictures speed some up still them etc etc lots of learning to do.

You can make a droplet in imageready if you want to do something to a big batch of photos.

Anyway, here’s the in-camera stitching on my S500, then the same photos fed to Photoshop Elements.  Notice that the in-camera stitching actually overlaps a lot, just so you have a lot of detail to work with, and can line stuff up properly.

Elements is slick, as it fixes the perspective.  Notice the parts on the end have all been “fixed” with the proper perspective.  Very cool.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Thats incredible…Nice job dudes…

Looks like i will have to finally join the torrent world now. Mig thanks for the link