Pharmacy Tech!

I definitely do a lot more asking than answering on this site. I apologize for that and when I move there in July, I promise I will try to start doing more answering!
Does anyone know what a Pharmacy Technician makes in Prince Rupert and/or how many jobs might be available?? I read about one at the safeway, but thats it???
Thanks again!

One of those job postings where they ask you what you want to start at, and you have no fucking idea if they’re willing to pay $8 or $20?
Doncha’ love those?

If you’ve got your course then you start at $13.65 at Safeway and go up to around $17.65 or so.  At the hospital it depends on if you’re a tech 1 or 2.  Tech 2’s, which are the highest, get around $22-23/hr.  Shopper’s is a bit less I think b/c they’re non-union.  Not sure how much you’d make at Overwaitea.
Safeway has a high turnover rate so they’re always looking for techs especially experienced ones, and I hear the hospital may be hiring ASAP so get your resume into the pharmacy there especially if you have IV/Chemo experience.

Thanks all!

Or you can dress up like an old-time pioneer and talk funny to the visitors at the Fort St. James Historic Park this summer. $17 something an hour, May-Oct.

Haha…Are you serious??? Is there a job that does that and does it really pay that much. I am definitely that retarded to do that job. Ha! What are the hours? :smiley:

check parks Canada for info :smiley: