Petronas to meet Canadian officials … ision.aspx

More comments from the CEO of Petronas in regards to PNW LNG to The Star News:

The CEO also said Petronas’ decision to invest in the Pacific Northwest LNG project in Canada is 75 percent complete, and that the company is now in the process of negotiating with bidders of related contracts.

“The numbers (value of the contracts) are still not as good as we expected but we hope to come to a conclusion within the next couple of weeks,” Shamsul said.

He dismissed any impact on the investment from declining oil prices, saying economics of the project are still favourable.[/quote] … ?style=biz

I would say based on this, there is a much higher chance that Petronas comes to a positive final investment decision, then a negative one.

Also good to know that declining oil prices are not going to be a factor in the economics of the project (for obvious reasons).