Petronas LNG in Prince Rupert, Happening or Not?

they are entitled to their view but it is funny though that they did not consult the local FN first, after all the FN is one of their bigger supporters. At best they could have waited until the CEA has rendered their decision, and stated they disagreed with it, if the CEA approves the plant. It will be interesting in the next provincial election if Ms Rice can hold her seat if the local NDP get tired of her being against well paying jobs that Petronas will bring to our local economy,

Voters will get their say in May 2017. Democracy works.

They are obviously not pulling the plug on the project anytime soon. Wonder what stglider and Grant_G have to say about that.

Right now I am totally conflicted. I have lived here for over 40 years now. Prince Rupert is my home, and while I desperately want to see us prosper and succeed, I am not 100% certain that LNG is the best route. I am not saying that I am with Stglider or the people who signed the declaration but, at the same time, I am not as confident as Jabber63, bthedog and investor. And the fact that we are talking about our community makes it very difficult because we all want the best for Rupert. If Lelu Island were close to Vancouver rather than Rupert we would all be able to look at the industry and a specific project much more objectively. We wouldn’t be spending near the emotional energy because the consequences for us would be minimal one way or another.

Having said that, I want to turn my attention to Mig’s comment about people’s priorities. Laila Yuile writes a blog on BC politics. She is left-leaning but not stridently so.

Her current blog post discusses the “Forces of NO”.

She addresses Christy Clark’s criticism of the forces of NO, lists several areas where our government has said No and concludes:

"British Columbians are asking for a better way – they are saying No
to the plans that just don’t make sense and yes to the ones that show
innovation, leadership. It’s not about saying No to everything, it’s
about saying YES to good policy and the right projects, with proper

The forces of No that are hurting this province aren’t the ones in
Prince Rupert, or Fort St. John, or even Richmond who are standing up
for what is right.

They are the one’s right beside you in Victoria."

I am not saying that she is correct. I am not saying that this justifies anybody’s opinion one way or another on Petronas. I just found it an interesting read particularly after Mig just yesterday talked about people’s differing priorities…

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I feel the same way, DWhite. Our area desperately needs a shot in the arm and development, but, I am troubled by concerns for the environment. It will be interesting to watch all of this unfold.

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This is the way I see it.

Prince Rupert has missed out on so many opertunities to be something. We have all these LNG proposals in front of us and it seems everyone is trying to squash them. Do we take the risk (everyone has different levels and not just concerns for the environment ) and go 100% all in? Or do we sit on the fence and watch another one go by us.

You mentioned Vancouver.

What if we were concerned with the Container Terminal in the same way Vancouver citizens are about the expansion of there’s? It would be nuts for us not to be 100% all in. We have witnessed how much we have prospered from its conception.

We just don’t have the luxury to pick and choose what we want like Vancouver. These are the cards we are dealt with and they look pretty good. Not perfect, but will work.

What makes you not 100%? The environment? The change to Prince Rupert?


Curious what those here think of Jennifer Rice’s Guest Columnist’s post in this week’s Northern View.

I’ll remember that opinion piece when I head to the polls next summer.

Note that I said I was conflicted. I am not necessarily opposed to the development but at the same time I can see the other side of the debate. Call it a character flaw but when several people whose opinions I respect are on opposite sides of the issue it isn’t always easy for me to pick a side when I am not an expert in the environment or urban growth or whatever.

If I feel strongly about an issue and I have studied it enough to feel secure in my opinion I will speak up as much as I can. But right now I don’t feel that strongly either way. And that’s because I am being tugged on both sides by pretty convincing arguments. Yes I am concerned about the environmental impact (fracking in the Peace as much as the Lelu location) and yes I am concerned about what a huge project may do to our community. And at the same time I would love to see Rupert prosper. I would love to see a city where kids don’t have to leave to find work and be successful.

Mig articulated some of what I have been thinking but couldn’t put into words. And then Laila’s blog does the same.

Many people are absolutely certain of the point of view they hold. But I am guessing that there are a lot of people just like I am who are legitimately torn.


Dear NDP Leader Horgan, if you are going to talk about LNG in Rupert please get your area facts right

Ridley Island does not and did not have a pulp mill on it’s site, the mill was on Watson Island, and the entrance way to the island is way too small for LNG Tankers to get into. Maybe if our MLA Ms Rice stopped signing petitions from FN’s that do not live in this area she could have shown you Watson Island on a map

oh and I forget which naysayer was joyous when they posted a link showing Petronas was going to cut from capital spending and operating expenses $11.4 billion and made the huge assumption it was the LNG plant they were cutting, hate to say this but they are cutting the $11.4 billion so they have that money for the LNG plant on Lelu island, why else would they rent 2 floors in downtown Vancouver? and most of those leases are for a minimum of 5 years.

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Great video of fishing in the Port of Rotterdam.

Oh. And look what they built too.

They got wind power though too. Maybe we need to throw up a couple of those too?

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It’s called tax write offs buddy …big corporations love them …the ones that actually pay taxes that is …plus I swear I read a few years back thar they rented office space on Vancouver , this is nothing new

so they need a tax write off for a project, according to the naysayers, they won’t be doing? is it me or what LOL, tax writeoffs only work where you are paying taxes, as far as I know Petronas does not pay any taxes yet in Canada for they have no operations here yet, the only operation they have here is Progress Energy, and they are not the ones renting the space, also if they are lossing money as ppl are alleging then again the costs incured do nothing for them, after all that space in Vancouver does not come cheap. The only reason they are renting that space is they are expecting the project to get the go ahead. the only thing standing in the way of the project not going ahead now is the federal government, hopefully they will pass it right away once the final report is written

Trouble again 4 Maylasia!

You must be real desperate for a high paying job or something , this seems to be the only thing you have time to worry about on here lol .

Im fine I don’t need an LNG job ! No body here will get one anyways! 8 Billion out of 11 Billion outsourced to China and TFW’S getting the rest!

It’s cool glider , I was not referring to you , I just referring certain to certain individuals on here who go crazy if someone on here even mentions the fact , that everything here won’t be peaches and cream , even if the lng does come , seems that we awe automatically called anti lng.

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