Petronas getting serious! … e14714323/

$36 billion investment for BC LNG plant and pipeline. That is not chump change! Petronas has the Leleu Island site picked out for their LNG plant. … -says.html

This article makes it much more clear. Investment decision not until the end of 2014. $36 billion includes pipeline, LNG plant, Progress Energy purchase and drilling costs.

also it says the investment of “36-billion over roughly 30 years”

Good news…but Lelu Island is NOT the right location for LNG plant…Grassy Point is where this should go!

More good news!

There are at least three serious LNG proposals. They can’t all go on Grassy Point.

They don’t have to all fit on Grassy Point, But if one is developed on Grassy Point the access that will be developed would open up the whole peninsula making the construction of a pier across that pancake of not too stable muck that has been critical habitat for Skeena salmon for over 30 years unnecessary.

Let’s hope this all falls into place, for the future of our city and children .