PETA does it again

These people need to get stampeded by the animals they are trying to ‘save’ with their insane, outdated ideas. … alsoffbeat

This request, while silly, doesn’t hurt anyone. And, although PETA does often go too far, I would rather they do that than not go far enough for what is, ultimately, a good cause.

Ok first of all it wasn’t a literal request - although I would very much like to see some common sense and respect from PETA - I am sure they could get their message across without using an innocent persons’ murder. 

I didn’t think it was a literal request, Kaleid.
And, yes, PETA’s using the beheading on the bus (I imagine that is what you’re referring to) to make a point is deplorable. My point was that, much like environmental organizations that go too far, extreme groups do serve a purpose by bringing attention to serious problems. Obviously, letters and ad campaigns were doing little to stem the tide of animal abuse and the growing endangered species and extinction list. It’s kind of like acts of civil protest (WTO riots in Seattle, Oka standoff). Sometimes, change only comes when people stir the pot.
PETA is occasionally ridiculous and offensive in their tactics but they have been successful in shining a light on the cruelties inflicted on animals and sparking boycotts against companies and countries guility of them.

PETA is a terrorist group. SPCA’s Crab fundraiser was threatened with bombing if they didn’t stop. Frack PETA!

And that psycho B who heads the thing has put down a couple of thousand pets herself. Read up for yourself.

Do you believe that having the Pet Shop Boys change their name would have any impact whatsoever on PETA’s cause?  I completely understand the idea of ‘shock and awe’ spurning some people into action, but how effective is a program such as PETA when many of their actions are seen as a joke by much of the public?  Even if PETA was doing something that I ultimately agreed with, I would not support them because of the ignorant things they have done thus far. 

What really gets me is how they go after reputable breeders of dogs and talk about wanting to make breeding dogs (whether by a puppymill or a breeder that is reputable) illegal.  If that were to happen, I’m pretty sure that would drive the practice underground - and what good is that going to do when the puppymills and irresponsible breeders would just start charging more and more money because breeding a dog would be ‘rare’.  And no, I am not against PETA just for the reason that they ‘might’ succeed in driving dog breeding underground and therefore increasing the cost.  IMO, a sustainable approach would work much better.  It’s not like all logging has been shut down because of harm to trees (yes, I know a lot of the forestry industry is gone right due to the economy) or wildlife. 

IMO it is very short-sighted to think that extreme action like that needs to be taken before people ‘wake up’. 

So I did as Soggy advised and did some research and must admit that I was guilty of leaping before I looked. :blush: While PETA has actually done some good in drawing attention to animal cruelty in research labs and done on behalf of the fast food industry (with significant results), and put a dent in the fur industry, it has done so in spite of itself. I had thought of PETA as a showboating, occasionally offensive group but, clearly, they are lunatics that have gone well beyond their supposed intentions.

Wow, sometimes I forget how it can be really rare to see someone on the internet admit they weren’t completely ‘in the know’ about a particular topic.  :wink: 

It really is too bad that PETA has chosen this way to support their cause; they could be doing a lot more good if they took a more common sense approach.  An example that comes to mind of an organization that has taken an extremist approach (well, not all that extremist, more like truthful) is the anti-smoking campaign by “The Truth”.

Heh. Yep. Not the first time I’ve been wrong - and it won’t be the last!
You’re right, Kaleid. PETA had done some good and put itself in a position, publicity-wise, to be at the forefront of the animal rights movement. Instead, they went crazy! Have you seen the South Park parody, “Turds and Douches” of the group? It’s hilarious!
And “The Truth” campaign is excellent.

I wonder if PETA has an issue with the Beastie Boys ’ name?
Maybe they will call upon them to become the Animalcule Boys. :smiley: