Pet Bylaw

Hey, does anybody have a record of which incumbent councillors voted for the pet bylaw?

I want to follow through on my promise not to vote for the councillors who voted for the bylaw.  At the time, I e-mailed them all and told they wouldn’t get my vote if they passed the bylaw, so I want to keep my word.

Podunkian do you have a record of the vote?

What did the pet bylaw do?

Oh man you are giving me a head ache on this one!!! :smiley:

I’ve gone through a number of city council postings and it seems that every time they got close to passing something they would take a turn and send it back to staff. 

After about half and hour of looking I’m not so sure that they ever passed anything on cats, I have checked the back articles on the always entertaining dog and cat issue and the last thing I have is council sending it back to staff for examination in July … … 4815971806

I was away for a fair bit of August, so maybe something happened there, but I can’t find it in the minutes of council…

it’s been the one of the longer running soap operas there that’s for sure, going back over a year or so and yet they never seemed to find the right position to take on the situaiton.

They seemingly came close in January… … 5987522217

here’s how the vote went on Jan 28 … 0946838041

Here’s how they voted on Feb 25… … 6134299545

I’ll do a more thorough search and report back later, unless someone else comes up with more for you…

But the last two links above give you a vote list, though to be on the safe side maybe vote all of council off in honour of our four legged friends :wink: 

I’m going to follow through on your promise too.  That bylaw is ridiculous.  Another method of squeezing every spare dime out of the resident taxpayer.

For those of us who are only civic-minded late on Friday nights, can someone summarize the bylaw?

The Links from The Podunkian summarize it quite well.