Peru/Ecuador Trip 2007 begins!

Well, after a few months working, saving and hating my job I’m finally getting on a plane tonight for Lima, Peru.  I’m starting this thread as sort of a weblog of my trip and I’ll update it from time to time with pictures (if I can figure out how to easily post them) and such. 

Wish me luck! 

I have always wanted to go there, are you going to Lake Titikaka and machu picchu, ohh if I had the chance to go…there one of the most spiritual places on earth. I hope you have a great time and wear your Canada flag patch so people will know your not an American…

Very cool, TR! :sunglasses:
I’m looking forward to pictures if you can get them posted:-)  Enjoy a cold one as you fly south to a tropical climate (you lucky dog). :smiley:

If you don’t get a chance to post all the photos, make sure you keep them anyway.  When you get back, I’ll set up a gallery thing for you if you want.

Chicas!  Titikaka!

I think I’m going to grab a bigger memory stick (currently 32meg or something piddly).  When I get back I’ll take you up on that offer Mig :wink: 

Already got two Canadian flags sewn onto my backpack! 

Have a great time, but watch out for the banditos.

I found when I was on holidays, Flickr was pretty helpful.


Well I’ve picked up a new memory card (1gig, two gig didn’t work and STILL the one gig doesn’t work either.  Bah) and four gigs in USB storage. 

Mig, do you know anything about Olympus D-390 cameras?  Is there any sort of firmware upgrade or anything I can do to this badboy so it stops saying Card Error when trying to read my one gig olympus xd card.  Probably screwed, huh?

How long have you been waiting for the right moment to post this?

It’s beautiful…

Well, I’m about to leave for the airport…  Seeing as how this is my last post in Canada for a few months you’d expect something interesting but I’ve got nothing!

Fairwell snow…I hope. 

A flag on your bag:  Not to show where you come from, but to show where you DON’T come from.

That says a lot about the Amuh-ricans.

The rest of the World knows we do this too, and they empathize with us.

Try formatting the card to FAT in a card reader or via your camera connected through USB to your craptop. My new card wouldn’t read in my Minolta until I formatted it to FAT. Then redo the format with the camera.

Içll try that Landon! 

Just as an update im in Lima now.  Milaflores district.  No speako espaniols, can´t figureo ut how to get the at key (shift —> 2) to work.  Hot and humid here! 

the funnest way to get around lima is those little minivan buses that you try to jump on with no windows and radios blaring.  even if you go the wrong way and get lost, its still fun and really cheap. 

Those busses that swoop poeple up as they’re walking?  Haha yeah those are wicked!  Everything in Lima is wicked, beautiful here!  And bit less than a liter of beer for 6 soles {1.50$ish} is fine by me! 

So, what kind of beer is good in Lima, TR? :smiley:  Enjoy your holiday, man!

Cristal and Cuscuena are both good and cheap {less than 2$ in a bar, or like, 6 sols).  Otherwise you can drink cheap local rum or pisco.  Pisco sours are horrible, by the way.  Well, horrible isn’t fair cause they’re okay for cheap swill but not very pleasant.  Cuscuena goes very good with ceviche which is a local dish of raw fish cured with lemon, onions, and chili.  Kind of fishy but delicious with a beer under an umbrela in the warm sun! 

Less than $2 for beer in a bar?  That’s awesome, man!! :sunglasses:
From the reviews I read on the net, the beers you mentioned are full-bodied, great tasting beers, 5.4 % alcohol.  Cold beer with raw fish and chili sounds tangy:-)  Now I’m hungry!
Is it hot over there today?  In PR today it is over-cast at 9 degrees, slightly raining, the snow is almost completely gone.
Enjoy your day:-)