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Hello denizens of Prince Rupert. Might i just say how wonderful you and your town are.

I came for a visit some time ago and found it quite lovely.

I must ask something of you now.
I am undertaking a journey to the town soon, perhaps in a few weeks time to
perform a survey of the intertidal and subtidal biodiversity of the region.
To be clear, this project is for my own knowledge and not goverment funded or university sanctioned.
Of particular interest are the Regions sessile cnidarian population which include
the Resident sea anemones and other polypoid life.
My hope is to try and catalog as many species and discribe average animal
concentrations per square meter if i am lucky.
i am currently have only a passing knowledge of what particular anemones
i am likely to find but unfortunately no real clue as to where i am most lible to
find what i am looking for.

So i ask anyone who has the answers
where i may locate any tide pools or at the very least easy access to known
sites of the animals of interest.
Does anyone here know how i can locate what i am searching for?

Thank you kindly in advance.

I’ve forwarded your request to a friend of mine who should be able to answer your questions… will let you know what he says.

Here’s what my friend wrote: “There are no great tide pools around Rupert that don’t require boat access. I would suggest the pools/rapids below the Butze rapids (at low tide on the Kloiya side). The person will need waders. There are often three species of anemone here. Drifting past will be two species of jelly fish - IF ALL GOES WELL”

If you want to email him directly, let me know. Email me ( and I’ll give you his email address.