Person killed lastnight-rainbow market?

does anyone have any info on what happened last
night, was told a girl from the all native
was at rainbow market and was killed and taken away (possibly because of a stabbing or alcohal posioning

Haven’t heard a word about that and I have friends who live in that area so until you hear otherwise, remember you are in Rupert and almost everything is a damn rumour :imp:  Let’s hope for all concerned that that’s exactly what it is, an awful cruel one though…

Your hoping this is not a Rumor?
How old are you?  If true the ol podunk and Shaun Thomas would be all over it.

On another note …what has the RCMP work load been like this tournament?
It is the 50th anniv…Is it bigger and badder than tourneys gone by?

I was talking to a member this afternoon and he said that they are real busy but nothing out of the ordinary. 

Well my understanding of the weekend thus far is that there has been a higher than usual number of drunk folk and fighting folk, both old and young around town, but no one that I have heard anyways has been reported as deceased.

Sheesh if we had as many dead people as the rumour mill generates in this town we’d be giving Detroit a run for its money.

One of my ‘friends’ on Facebook said there was a body found outside his house down by PRB and Gull.  Don’t know any more details than that, but hell, I saw it on the Interweb, so it must be true.

Tonight should be the night for craziness… it usually is.

If anyone wants some entertainment, and UFC isn’t enough fighting for you, check out bar crowd tonight!