People Have No Taste

This is pissing me off, I just opened a pack of Frank’s RedHot Beef Jerky, snatched the biggest chunk before she could and…
and… hot my ass. They must use one drop per ton of jerky.
I grabbed a microwave Screaming Chili for lunch during the week and got this soupy mess you could almost taste… lame!
Last night we had the best smorg I’ve eaten in 22 years away from Vancouver at Yummy-yummy in Vanderhoof. Pepper chicken, Lemon Grass beef, Mandarin ribs. Spicy peeled prawns with no freaking batter. There were a whole 7 people there.
Tommy the cook complained that people just don’t like to taste anything but grease around here. There were a dozen dishes to choose from and as Cath was paying, I noticed Tommy filling NEW things into the trays. 'Your supposed to sit and nibble for a long time try everything" he says.
I mentioned Yummy-Yummy today to a guy from Hooterville while we were building a tower. He said he didn’t like it because everything tastes funny…
Good Lord people, good food is like sex and pepper is the foreplay. My kid brought Rooster Hot Sauce to the damn daycare so he could eat the slop they served. Mom got out of bed and GOBBLED up the Vindaloo we took to at the senior’s home. Live a little!

Spicy or flavoured…I can’t tolerate too much heat but I like a wide variety of tastes. Was experimenting with my daughter today on how to make ‘nuoc mam’ so we can add a new twist to our cooking, you can go as hot or as flavourful as you want with that stuff. My kids have grown up with a variety of foods (unlike my husband, who grew up in a meat-and-potatoes kind of household) and tonight we had grilled,dry-rubbed chicken breasts over peppery greens and veggies, with Tuscan Olive bread. I find looking around for new things to try is half the fun;there is this incredible deli in Nanaimo that has a ton of imported seasonings and fixings that while pricey, make our tastebuds wake up and grin!!

Flavourfull…yup, that’s the recipe for something that will be “YUMMY”
I really have a hard time understanding this hot , spicey, mouth on fire flavour some of you have.
You say some people have no taste…well perhaps you have burned your mouth one time too many and do not have any taste buds left to enjoy food with herbs and spices that enhance a great meal. My son loves his Franks hot sauce. I have tried a hot sauce now and then, but could not enjoy the rest of my meal because my mouth was on fire ??? don’t get the attraction to Hot spicey food.   :stuck_out_tongue: