Peglegs Restaurant?

I have heard from two Peglegs employee’s that the restaurant is closing. Another victim of our sluggish economy I guess.

Is that one question, or 8 ??????

i like the place and i hope the get the beer brewed on premises. but they need a bigger menu

Is this for real, or just another rumour?  I like the place too.  As for the menu, it’s good that it’s simple (for a bunch of reasons).

they are closed as of today…my kid worked there

Another one bites the dust.  I am really sorry to hear that. I haven’t been there in awhile but always enjoyed their food and the staff were great !!  Is it a permanent closure?

Well if so, that’s an unfortunate sign of our times. Never good when the economy takes out a small business. Too bad for the owners, who appeared to have been trying to make a go of it.

hopefully they’ll log on and offer up some ideas as to their future plans, were they not planning a craft brewery there as well as the pub?

yes they were going with the micro brewery thing, sucks their owner seemed like a pretty cool dude.

If they are closing for good, I wonder if the recently delivered assessments factored into their decision.

I heard that a few places in town (businesses) went up rather dramatically, not a helpful thing for a bussiness in struggling economic times, as that  increase in assessed valube can translate into an increased tax load as well (even if the city says that isn’t necessarilly so eh).

:astonished: I Did Enjoy the food there, but while I was un-employed did not have the $ to spend  :frowning:

I hope this is just another rumour.  I like the menu and love the beer choices. 

  I hope this is not true, Rod  put alot of his time in to make this work. It is so unfortunate that there isn’t the $$$$$ out there to support his efforts.

Yeah I really enjoyed their Pizzas and the staff was just good and friendly people. Is this not an area where Chamber of Commerce should come in very soon and tell city hall " Jacko Kathy Nelson Anna Joy and you other two funseekers we have a problem here fix it or help us fix it. I have heard that there are about two or three more businesses going under soon. Not nice at all.

Yes, Peglegs has shut down. I’m pretty sure it is for good as well, december hit hard unfortunatly. It wasn’t much of a shock to us that worked there, but the closing was not supposed to be for a little while yet but unforseen circumstances meant an earlier closure than the owners planned.

did the bamboo shoot close down too???

  sorry to hear it closed… good luck, and thanks for the great service.

sign just says closed for a bit like how gondola does seasonally

Not to detract from rampant speculation, but the sign on the door at Pegleg’s says “Closed until Further Notice”, may or may not mean permanently I guess, but certainly not a declarative statement.

“Closed until further Notice” is a declarative statement.  Peglegs is declaring that they are closed until further notice, they just don’t know when they will reopen, if ever.

i’m glad its closed, the food was crap after they took over and they turned it into an over priced dump.

but hi fives all around on taking a well established busy restaurant and running in into the ground, i’m sure nick is ecstatic to see that it continues to be a draw to out of town customers…nooooooo wait you need to be open to do that. :imp: