Peace on earth, goodwill to all men!

Ooops sorry wrong seaon there :unamused:

Happy Easter to all ye who browse htmf, hope your Easter hunt goes better than this one:

Happy Easter to you, Podunkian, and to everyone else.

I have to start watching the Simpsons more often.  Classic lines in there:  “I had trouble with the space bar”  an " Did you know it 's not named after someone named Wayne Scott?"

Happy Easter, ThePodunkian, BigThumb, and htmf!! :smiley:

I’ll be hunting for eggs at the bowling alley all day :smiley:

Happy Easter everyone!

happy easter to all. may it be realy cool and stuff… :smiley:

I celebrated easter in the midst of riot police and amored vehicles. 

Well that would make the easter egg hunt a little more challenging! :unamused: