PCI Sound Card for Recording

Hey, I’m looking for a decent quality sound card for my computer. Ideally, I’d like to find something that has 1/4" inputs, but I can live with out them. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Recording to my computer through an amp simulator and occasionally through a vocal mic. The amp simulator has a 2.5mm output, but it doesn’t seem to be cooperating with my onboard soundcard, and I get a lot of interference due to the voltage difference or whatever if I just adapt the 1/4" output to fit the 2.5mm input on my sound card.

post up some samples rock star

If u get the Audigy EX… make sure its the EX… it comes with a 1/4 jack input, along with a midi in and midi out… and other stuff that u will probly never use…
Thats what i have it dosent support asio 2, which would give u zero latency…

0 latency means u could use guitar rig, and u wouldnt need a amp sim.

Anyways i do LOTS of home recording i know my sh!t

The Audigy2 Platinum eX sounds pretty sweet. Do you know of any online retailers that carry it? I checked the usual suspects, NCIX, Atic, Dangeo, and none of them have it.

eBay is looking like $100 + $30 shipping. What’s one of these guys worth, anyway?

A friend of mine has an Audigy that came with her new computer that she’s willing to sell. I have no idea if it’s an EX though, I’m guessing not.