pc133 sodimm

Anybody know where I can find a 512MB PC133 SODIMM (or two of them)?

NCIX doesn’t seem to have any.  I tried Canadaram, but they dropped the ball for no reason, so I’m not interested with ordering from them again.

Anybody have this stuff locally?

i do, but not 512
its 256 i think i have tons of older ram
I ll give give  it away cost you nothing…
I have a belkin wireless hub give that away too…  :smiley:

shit I have a AMD 2500 or p4 cant remember;  with case no ram will give it away,
I have video cards ranging from 64 megs up to 120 Megs, give then away, ATI and Matrox,
Ask and I might have it, I need to thin out my collection of old parts.

as for the ram I have lots most are 256 some 64 megs all different take your pick…

It’s a SODIMM?  256?

Im sure it is,  :astonished:

Does it look something like this?  (ie: shorter than normal ram)

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

nope sorry not like that…

So it’s just normal SDRAM, right, not a SODIMM?

you need the type that used in a server, that needs to run in parity together? I have two 512 meg strips of that stuff if we are talking the same thing, Ill dip them out and post the specs after I walk the pup, gimme an hour or so

ya sorry mig

Chris, it’s usually used in laptops.  I have two machines that I need to upgrade.  It has to be PC133 SODIMM.  No need to be matched.  If you have some, can I buy them off you?

I have 768 MB 1 512 stick and 1 256. The 512 was used for all of 1 day in my laptop. PM me an offer :wink:

Are you in town?  I need it tonight, or I might as well wait for Crucial or somebody else…  It needs to be installed tomorrow.

Im looking for ddr 333 ram

recently sold my coputer, and my parents have a old amd 2500, good cpus for their time, I’m on a celeron with 512mb of ram now, very hard to use considering msn open with a internet page freezes the computer for 5 minutes, do you have a mobo for it? and what kind of p4 is it? I have a s478 mobo for the celeron.  if you are giving them away i’ll give it a good home, or if you want i’ll purchase them. pm with any more details pls thx

SODIMM is laptop ram, not pc ram.

Mig Try tigerdirect.ca.

I found some thanks.

Yes, it’s for a laptop.

Sorry just pulled it out of my old laptop and it turns out its not what you need.  I guess my memory isnt what it used to be :wink:

My guess (GUESS) is that mig needs this for a powerbook or Ibook, your laptop joel, ses DDR nor SDRAM.

Heh, no worries, I just ordered some.  Thanks for all those who responded.