Paws and Claws Thrift Store

What a great little space! Nice to have another place to donate odds and ends. I am curious about the Cannery Row Rescue Society. I’ve asked around and checked out their Facebook page, not much information about their shelter. Where is it and how many cats are there living in it now? I know the owner lives in Pt. Ed. but no one knows where the shelter is. I have brought in many cats to my home over the years, so have many others here and we pay for food and fixing and TLC, we have not gone to the public to ask for aid to do this. I didn’t even know we could. Does she share to the public who donate to her Society where their money goes? If we make a donation, do we receive tax receipts? Can we set up as a Society if we take in cats & pay for their care also? How do you proceed with that?

There are government agencies that can answer all your questions about forming a society, phone them, they’re in the phone book.

You should also talk to other similar societies to get some tips.

I think their mission statement and their goal is to be commended. I think the issue some are having is the accountability to the public who donate to the cause. I paid for a cat to be spayed and am thrilled I was able to do that. She had had a few litters of kittens over the past two years and now is a “free to roam” cat but seems to like it at home with Alice! Unfortunately one that was not fixed is missing and I hope they find it soon, beautiful cat. I am backing off for awhile until the Society has a shelter to house the cats and has their Board up and running. I think, as the Society is accepting funds from the community, that the members of the Board should have criminal records checks as most do that are dealing with finances though. That idea has been brought to my attention by a few Rupertites and folks from Terrace also. They have a long way to go and I am sure with Alices’ hard work and positivity they will achieve their goals. In the meantime, I wish them well, I am hoping people will continue to donate to all causes in Rupert, the SPCA is currently under quarantine and I am sure could benefit from any and all aid that is available and of course, the wildlife is always in need of not only time but also food for their residents!