Parliment ready to resume

lets see how cuddly harper will be to the north coast NDP, lets sit back and watch as rupert gets what it deserves because they think it is better to have some one nagging at harpers heels when ever he gets to speak,rather than having a sitting member on the winning be ready for lets say a whole lot of nothing and watch the rest of the country dump thing we will probally do up her is keep voting provincial NDP and have more great things come our way like the burnt out teacher has brought over the last 6 years,oh at least he is upset at the ferries yeah go NDP.just my point of view and how watching all the great things that have come to the north over the last years may one day make me vote NDP na never.

way to buy into the propaganda. you vote for who will do the best job for your riding in your opinion not for the person who is best suited to grovel at the feet of the prime minister for some table scraps. if you are looking for someone to point a finger at for prince ruperts complete economical failure you should look no further than your local chamber of commerce and the various litigious groups of people that sue any chance of economic prosperity into oblivion.

carry on though dont let facts get in the way of your rant.

Way to entrench corruption in politics, believing only supporting the gov’t side would/should/will get rewarded.
Repeat: if you truly believe gov’t should intervene in the economy and hand out grants and aid you’re NOT a Conservative, you’re a socialist. If you’re a gung ho Harperite take all the money you saved 2c at a time from the GST cut and invest in a business there yourself.

I was listening to CBC this morning and there was an interview with one of the people along the Cottonwood River near Quesnel. Apparently the residents who run the risk of losing their homes to flooding had agreed to a third third third arrangement with the provincial and federal governments to protect their property. It would cost the the residents $40,000 matched by each level. According to this resident all his neighbours had signed on. In March when it started to look dangerous, the provincial government was willing to kick in 25,000, but the feds were unwilling to give anything.

Interestingly, Quesnel is represented by Bob Simpson (ex-NDP, now independent) provincially and Dick Harris of the Conservatives federally.

Voting for the winning party didn’t seem to matter much here.

Last time Prince Rupert voted in a government MLA, look what happened.

Bill Belsey was MLA, along with fellow BC Liberal Herb Pond as mayor, presided over the worst economic collapse in Prince Rupert’s history.

Whenever someone says that you should always vote with the government, just say “Bill Belsey” and you win the argument.

[quote=“zerocool”]Last time Prince Rupert voted in a government MLA, look what happened.

Bill Belsey was MLA, along with fellow BC Liberal Herb Pond as mayor, presided over the worst economic collapse in Prince Rupert’s history.

Whenever someone says that you should always vote with the government, just say “Bill Belsey” and you win the argument.[/quote]

Well in the spirit of equal opportunity at losing

Here’s an item from the CBC circa May 1999 … 90526.html

NDP government, NDP MLA (deputy premier as well)

So how did it all turn out anyways?

you people are so funny when belsey and herb were in charge what happened a container port not more money poured into a pulp mill the union spent years destroying and of th council voted in today well the same people who voted in the NDP voted them in and yes the mayor is a total wasste of time but he was mayor before what did people think he did grow up,and as far as corruption in the goverment come on people ever level of the goverement is corrupt its just who gets caught so wwhy not have the guy on your side,take a look at bc policitics before the liberals how bad was that at least when the gov allowed cn to buy the communist bc rail from the goverment at least the north could expand,let me explain that one when bc rail was developed it was to protect the south so that all cargo moved had to go to vancouver unless u paid extra to cross bc lines so that protected vancouver and screwed the north simple policitics,same as the priviate members bill to limit oil tanker traffic it only applies to the north another way to protect the south.but do u think we will wake up here no we will probally relect once again a shop lifting person guess who,now folks that is ranting but guess what u elect em u deserve em and one last thing the legal mafia loves the NDP because they support them

Suppose it was clear that the NDP was going to win the next election, would you vote for the winning side? The “na never” indicates that you wouldn’t follow your own advice, the one you expect the rest of us to follow.

Can you explain why the people of Prince Rupert, voted in Bill Belsey and then voted him out. Rupert voted for the winning side in 2001. If it was such a great deal, why didn’t we vote him back in? I would like your expert analysis on that one.

Do you think that every riding should vote for the winning party and we end up with a House of Commons with 308 - 0. How do you think the government would manage to satisfy every single riding in that case? Do you think a 308 - 0 parliament would be good for the democratic process?

Belsey and Pond were in power at the time of the port expansion but so was Cullen. How do you explain the federal government’s involvement?

What treats do you think Prince Rupert will miss out on because we don’t have a member of the government representing us. Remember that things like the port do not just help Rupert; they help all Canada Do you think a government would purposely punish a riding knowing that by extension they would be harming other ridings that may have government representatives.

And seriously, if you actually believe that a government is so corrupt that we need to have a representative from that party to represent us, isn’t that a good enough reason to not vote for them.

I await your response.

Well like it or not, it happens. Politicians reward their supporters. Although I wonder if top gun would alway vote for the winning party or only when his favourite party is the winning party…

i was always a hard core liberal but could nopt continue voting for idiots so why not take advantage of the situation and get out of it what u can,admit it voting ndp is a waste of time even in provincial elections where they have run they basically ruined the provience with their ideas of hughing a tree and lets spend as much money as we can can u imagine if they win the next election here how fast they will kill mining and any other sort of work that does not involve a goverment job.lets hope with harper and the prov. liberals enbridge and other major projects can get pushed through with out to much having to be paid to the mafia like the port in town