Park Ave. Corner Store Opens

The store will be open for business on Monday, August 24/09

make sure your open early and late for the longshoreman lol

Awesome!  I’ve missed having a corner store in the Pineridge area:-)

Beer and wine?

  I will be outside waiting for a dozen cheese & pep. stix please… :smiley:  Thank you !!  Good Luck Fellas  !!

Congrats on your opening Monday mrfinny…
It so nice to see a buisness “opening”… not closing… all the best and we will be there to support you, even though we are across town. It’ll be a nice drive…  :smile:

Sorry… and congrats to you Ian Harris  !!

Wishing you great success. I’ve always thought that loacation had the potential to be a ‘little gold mine’ under the right ownership, so hopefully you guys will be able to make it work. You are missing a bit of the market without fuel sales and the draw from that , but I understand the other liabilities involved so this is obviously simpler for you. Good Luck.

Give it shit Guys and Gals, all the best to you and My Seet Lady and I look forward everything you have to offer.

I hope the opening day goes well!!  Lots of hard work goes into opening a business - all the best!!

Good luck! Can’t wait to stop in and check it out.

Good luck!! Can’t wait to stop by  :smiley: :smile:

so how was the grand opening… I forgot to check it out last weekend… :mrgreen:

Hey Mr. Finny give us a business name and phone number for lunches etc., was it the
"Pump and Grind?" hmm, my brain really hurts now. Laughing here! :smile:

do you have cameras for the shoplifters … lol wish you the best.  :smiley:

yes please MrFinny…post the phone # and hours of operation here …thanky

7:00am - 10:00pm… 7 days a week

Sorry, been kinda busy. The store hours are now going to be 6:30 AM to 10:00PM. We are alternating pizzas and chicken for lunch, (11:00AM to 1:00PM). Pizzas one day and chicken the next. Chicken and taters will be available for dinner, (5:00PM to 7:00PM). It is best to call ahead for the chicken and taters so we can bake it fresh. I have more equipment on order so that we can bake more chicken in one batch but it will not be here until the end of Sept. Meanwhile, we are working on a lunch bag menu for people on the way to work. Phone or fax ahead the night before and we will have your lunch ready for you in the AM. I hope to post a menu soon. 250-627-2000 ph. or 250-627-1953 fax. Steve.

As to security cameras, yes we have 8 that you can see, and some you can’t. Not to mention the motion and infra red detectors.There is a split screen monitor at the front counter for the staff to watch and for the customers to observe. Every square inch is covered. We have had one break in attempt already and a few shoplifters. We just record the perps on a flash drive and turn it over to the RCMP. They are taking care of business for us. It is kind of silly because we don’t keep any money in the store over night and why would you want to go to jail for a bag of chips or a pop? Not too bright.

print some signs up ill put them up in the lunch room at the container port or even asking permission to deliver chicken there to the gate at lunch or w/e . busy days there can be 50 people there each shift