Paperback Ripoff Continues

I thought this got sorted out 2 years ago when so many Canadians complained at paying 30% extra for books when our dollar was worth more!
They blacked out the US price so you couldn’t compare.
I just noticed US $9.99/Cdn $12.99 on a top 10 novel. Made the cashier ring it thru, Overwaitea gives no discount.
Screw them it can rot on the shelf, I’ll grab it in Costco for $6.79-$7.69

I get ragged enough for buying so many books.

yea i started going to the library after they wouldnt drop the price

Next time, try offering to pay in US  Dollars. 

I KNOW I KNOW, we need some sort of rental service, where we can keep a book for as long as we like, free of charge. LOL

I’m kidding.

Even if you offered to pay in american dollars, you’d still pay the canadian price, they’d just do the conversion.

You can get all the older ones at, if you’re into that sort of thing. I’ve heard though that many people aren’t reading as much any more. :astonished:

What are you reading for?

Serious: what do you say when someone says this?

Because I watched 2012 with you last night dear, I want to see if I can still read. Hollywood thinks my brain consists of liquified pig shit to market that. Just checking

The sad thing is, some people actually were scared from that movie, and think it’s actually going to happen.

Give me a break…  :unamused:

My buddy did some volunteer work in Guatemala, and went around asking the oldest Maya people he could find about 2012.  They said its kind of like a new year only bigger, and not to worry because the world was not going to blow up or anything like that.  It’s the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one in the Maya cosmology.  According to what I have read on the subject as well, it is possible that the ancient Mayan astro-mathematicians just got bored or tired of crunching numbers far into the future.

My uber-blonde niece spent three days freaked out and crying when the new Swiss/France based Hadron collider was about to come online, thanks to fears prompted by some foolish news reports she had heard. Evidentally one if her grandmothers talked her down and assured her that the world was not about to come to an end.  :unamused:

We need to promote reading AND critical thinking in our youth. For every rabid reader and reasoning thinkers like my two teens have turned out to be, there is at least one or more like their cousin out there, who only picked up a book because they had to for school and let other folks do their thinking for them.

Grrrrr, arghhhhh!!

You mean

.com is just a parked domain. Project Gutenberg is awesome, though.

Well it’s a hell of a lot more likely to happen than having fifteen buildings collapse just as two different airplanes approach or jumping canyons with a Winnebago…  :smiley:
All that need to happen is find elementary particles that suddenly act different. OMG this isotope of hydrogen makes water poisonous, and it’s ‘taking over’ all the other hydrogen atoms!
There’s your plot starter. You add in the evil stpe parent,  teens who have sex that must die, the puppy, and the person who goes to church who must survive.

  they call that the terrace public library.  :imp:

Gak! Quite right. has a lot of free stuff too.