Pan's Labyrinth

Anyone know if this movie is coming to Rupert?

Not sure if the Arts Society may bring it in, but it is a great movie. Limewire has it w/ English subs.

Saw Pan’s labyrinth in the theatre in vancouver…I enjoyed it but it was nothing like what you might expect. It has very little of the fantasy world in the movie more about the harsh reality she lives in.

And definitely not a kids movie or for young teenagers…it is very very disturbing quite a few times.

I heard it is up for academy awards.  I saw a trailer on TV, it does look very odd, and intriguing.

It is a good movie  but very disturbing …there is only enough of the fantasy world to peak you interest and wonder what else is coming.

There is alot of creativity in the movie which was very refreshing because it has been a long time since such imagination and originality  has been in a movie…BUT …it left me wanting more.

I cant really explain it more without giving away the plot and I dont want to do that. But definitely see the  movie but again it is DARK AND DISTURBING.

A quick look at IMDB and you’ll notice that it is in fact up for 6 academy awards.

Highly doubtful this will be making it’s way to Rupert.

Either illegally obtain it or just wait for the DVD and hope it shows up at Movie Gallery.

I’ve seen a few torrents of it around lately.

anything without a torrent, doesnt really exsist.

Watch this last night, wasnt that great, i didnt like how the fantasy blended with the reality.

I personally loved it, myself.

The Pale Man scene is easily one of the most frightening things I’ve watched.

That sounds intriguing.  Would you classify the movie as horror, fantasy, or a combination of both?  I’m not a huge fan of blood and gore.

I would say fantasy and Drama; another good scene would with the dad and son who were hunting rabbits, very disturbing.

I’d say it’s more along the lines of Fantasy/Drama, the Pale Man scene; while mainly the
one segment that contributes more or less to the horror element of the film, is quite
impressive.  And if you have a child, I wouldn’t suggest showing that particular scene to them.
Or even the movie in general. 

But yeah, it leans far more towards Fantasy. 

The execution of the film is quite easily one of my favorite scenes.  Brilliantly done.

Thanks for the review, that sounds like my cup of tea:-)  I’m up for fantasy, drama, with psychological tension, terror.  The Pale Man scene has me intrigued.  Thanks for the warning, I’ll make sure my children are out of the room when I rent it.

Would any of you that have watched it say that the subtitles take away from the overall effect? I don’t mind subtitles, but with very active scenes and especially with plenty of CGI and such I would really like to enjoy the experience and take in the hard work that was put into it.