Panama to Alaska

Saw this car downtown today.  Visit for information on their trip.

Not sure what kind of plates they are (old style UK ones?), but they are the strangest plates I’ve photographed so far for my new OCD hobby:

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Yeah, I just saw it downtown, too.

Is that an Aston Martin or something?

Here’s one from our Canada Day Parade:

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Yup, DB6.  Weird that it has the old-style UK plates.

So if it is a UK plate, that’s the farthest that I’ve photographed so far (though I did see some German EU plates a few months ago, I didn’t have a camera on me).

There was a truck with Puerto Rico plates at Rushbrook a few days ago too:

Yes, I’m a nerd.

I also have a photo of what I think is a New Zealand plate on a motorcycle, but I need to confirm it before I upload it.

I saw that car too today!  What a tiny town!

Hey Mig, I just checked out 63 plates, and I love the concept!  You might find it hard to find plates from Hawaii though… Just sayin’.

You’re a weird dude Mig…lol  :smiley:

Mig, I got one from Louisiana " Bayou State 74 - 75 " I can put it on Crazy Mike’s car.

I’ve seen them in Rupert before.

Hey Princess there was a suv with Hawaii plates at Safeway a month ago.They were on there way to Alaska.It was shipped over on a barge though lol

Here’s one from North Scottsdale, Arizona.  Love that area by the way, especially the Camelback Mountain exit on the 101 Loop.  My task bar is saying that its a nice 100 degrees there right now.

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I was down at Butzi Rapids this week and saw some plates from Poland! I was kinda shocked… how the hell do you get a camper here from Poland!

New Zealand, Puerto Rico, UK, all in the last three days.  I’ve seen Hawaii plates in Rupert before too.

Same way those German guys got their RV here – by boat!

Take a photo if you see weird plates, I’m going to put a submissions section on

Oh, and the Aston Martin is a UK plate, registered between August 1970 and July 1971!

Woah!  Thanks for the detail.  How can you tell the date?  Is there a location in the plate too, like a postal code?

The year is basically the single letter, so in the case its what we call a ‘J Reg’. And because its at the right side of the plate, its registered between 1963 and 1983… Obviously, thats not 26 letters, but some arent used (Q and I for example). Then its just a case of counting the years.

Anything after 1983 has the letter at the beginning of the plate, and anything after 2001 has 2 letters which also signifies the regions, and 2 numbers denoting the half of the year it was purchased. So my old car started WL51, so South West England and the first half of 2001, WL01 would be the second half…

Its more difficult to tell areas before that. You find that some sets of letters appear in one region, but unless you come from that region and see them a lot, you would never now!

Hey MiG, 
I think the police likes to take photographs of license plates during biker gangs meetings.  Maybe you could join in. :wink:

Both Australia and New Zealand plates.

Added some more states to

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Saw a couple of Scorpions in town today.  California and Georgia plates.  Needed Georgia plate for the collection :wink: