Panago Pizza hut

I don’t know if people know but you can call panago 310-0001 in any town that has panago and you will get transfered to the nearest one, or 310-1010 for pizzahut.  Works all the time.
Must be a chain thing?

what ever will they think of next

    What a concept :unamused:  You could have a craving for a pizza on a Friday nite after a long day at work and call, let’s say,this 310 number which could be Timbuctu and maybe they would get it wrong (as people sometimes do!) and transfer your call to, Oh, let’s say Prince George, cuz they got the Prince part right, and you would be getting pissed off and losing your craving for the “za” and finally after trying to explain to someone who might not understand too well, you would say, f----k it! and start frantically thumbing through the phone book and then there goes dinner!!  OR you could call the following if you are indeed in Rupert and not George, 6271984 (Panago)…Seems simpler to me, but then , what do I know :confused:  Think I’ll have some cold “za” for brekkie!!!

Hey there !!! I would like to point out there is magnets that you can pick up at the pizza hut here for i have seen them and they are at the door… but i mean all you have to remember is 62-pizza for the local pizza hut here and if you are not familiar with the 62 from here then i might ask where are you from !!!

The transfer wouldn’t do that. It works off of the area code for the region, tranlates the local number by cross-referencing the number you called from and then dials the local number like a predial. Wouldn’t cross names. i.e. Prince rupert or george.