Paint our corner red

Found this interesting story on the website. … ators1.htm

BC Stats has produced a number of snapshots of the province that show our area of the province is a rather troubled area.

It’s probably no surprise that we’re heavily dependent on social assistance, but with that apparently comes a concern over health care, education, general economic hardship and problems for youth.

The study is worth exploring for a better undertanding of some of the stresses that folks in our area are dealing with.

Perhaps things will change with the prosperity that we are told is just around the corner, but right now, at this time, it seems there’s a lot of people hurting in our communities.

There is alot of hope in our region that hasn’t been there for a long time. Although the future looks bright, we really are still in the very beginning stages of an economic turnaround. The pieces are falling into place and in a few years we should be a nice bright blue colour rather than red.

That is an optimistic view, only time will tell but rupert badly needs to get away from resource based industries.  I have recently made a choice to not move forward with one of very few opportunities in my field in rupert. My parents and other family have also all moved on, so I can pretty much guarantee I will never move back.  That said I wish the rest of you good luck and a prosperous future.  :mrgreen:

Hence the container port.  It doesnt rely on any natural resources from this region.  It is all about trade and the movement of goods.  We no longer need to rely on pulp, fishing, grain and coal to keep us afloat.  The container port offers a much broader range of goods to ship which is great for us.