Paint ball


Thank you to the admins for adding the sports and Recreation thread.  I am sure there will be a lot of groups using this thread soon. 

Just a bit of background for those of you HTMFers who might not know.  There is a large group of avid Paint ball players here locally in Prince Rupert.(80 to 100)  We play every Sunday out at the old Miller Bay hospital site from 12 noon to 4 pm or 5 pm. Rentals are available as well as Paint
Balls and Air.  Rentals, Paint balls, and air are all available on site,  however the people who provide the stuff like to know how much to bring out so notify them ahead of time to arrange this. There is no field fee, and you can bring out your own paint and air. 

Here is the link to our site, there are a few videos to watch as well.

If you have any questions feel free to ask here.

PS.  We do play in most weather,  well the hardcore players. So on questionable days we will be posting game notifications here.  In Rupert that will be often.

I’ve always wondered about paintball, does it hurt when you get hit? Are people really mean to new comers? :stuck_out_tongue:

What is involved? Is it just hiding in bushes and sniping people? How does this all work?

Forgive me, I’m kinda girly…

No worries,

I wont lie,  it does hurt when you get hit,  however with the adrenalin flowing it often gets missed.  There is “protection” vests for girl.  and boys I guess.  We keep all guns below 300 fps, mine shoots better at a low 275 fps.  There are no automatic guns allowed.  As long as you call hit very loudly people will stop shooting.  Its easy as well because when you get shot you want to say $#!T.  Sounds just like it.

We are not mean to new comers,  we encourage new people to try.  There are ages as low as 11 and 12 playing.  We have girls come out regularly as well.  When splitting up into teams we do try to keep an even number of experienced players on both sides.

Game play is up to the individual and sometimes the type of game we play.  Go at your own pace,  you can hide and snipe, run pell mell into the battle ( not advised ), be covert, play with  fire teams.  And Existing members are always more than willing to show you the ropes,  as long as you at least try to be quiet,  and do not talk the whole game.  It happens.

Getting hit by a ball, really, really, really, really hurts.  And it leaves a pretty awesome bruise.

I’m happy to see this thread! I wanna go play some paint ball!  I won’t be able to this week, but one day I’d love to!

I’ll be up in Rupert in a few days and would like to come out and play with you guys but unfortunatly I wont be in Rupert on a Sunday. So do you guys play at any other times of the week?

Typically we play Sunday.  However there are people who cannot play on Sunday.  Saturday games are always a possibility. A lot of the core members will play both in the summer months.  Best way is to post a day a few weeks in advance and see who bites.

There is a game today, We start at 12noon, most of the time someone is there by 11am.  Feel free to drop by.  For those of you new to town,  Miller bay is just before the port ed turn off, on the left hand side as you leave town opposite the old guys house that burnt down.  You can drive right up id the chain is down.  If there are cars, but no people just wait as that means a game is on.