Painfully slow

Hi folks,

Usually I’m Citywest’s #1 fanboy (I really believe they are a good company), but tonight, wow is the internet ever slow. I’ve just been doing basic surfing, nothing more than 100k bursts, but I can’t maintain much more than a 50k download speed. I did a bit of testing, and it seems to be all sites, not just a couple. Anyone seeing that tonight (Monday Nov 8th)?

As usual for me.

Unfortunately most of the stuff that interests me is off the Prince Rupert backbone. :smile:

1.3 OUCH! MOTHER FUCKING GAY ASS!! that blows :frowning:

Here is mine tho, Slow tonight ish.


I’ve notice discrepancies with my internet connection for the last week or so. I am a full time student that has multiple online interactions with Instructors & Peers alike and connection speed / stability are important.

Browsing the net seems delayed, with 2 to 3 (sometimes 4-5) seconds in delay of the browser actually rendering the website. does the usual stuff, (don’t really use, but showing optimal stats to a BC server…)

I have 6 meetings over the 5 weekdays every week and as I said, the last week have been terrible for me. One of my instructors was in the middle of lecturing our class about CSS implementation and overall codes of our website when I continuously got disconnected. My local network was fine it did not crash, nothing outside Rupert would come up…

I think I should contact Citywest tomorrow as I have another meeting @ 8am and I have a feeling the stability I’ve seen over the past week hasn’t changed at all.

Meh =, I think Citywest is raging me

It has been nothing shy of horrible the last few days.

For the last year I’ve been having internet troubles - turns out it was the modem. Getting disconnected all the time all day. We got a new modem and it worked great. But now we’ve seen two power outages in the past 3 days (Sunday and Wednesday Morning) and yeah, things are just as crappy as before.

Hopefully this doesn’t persist.




Nice. :smile:

Today’s results. Meh. :smile:

For $60/month, you can download stuff and watch HD video streams like a boss. Plus I get to pay $30 for the first 6 months which is pretty awesome.