Pacific Coast U-Brew Open House

On Saturday April the 24th I (Rachel) will be doing tours all day and hooking people up with great deals on WINE, BEER, CIDERS, COOLERS and other fun stuff! If you have ever thought about brewing with us or making your own this will be your chance to see what we are all about!
COME SUPPORT A small LOCAL BUSINESS. It has been around for years and people have been doing it for years! And now it is time for all of YOU to join the brewing revolution. This is ONE DAY ONLY so mark it on your calendar- also I am sure it will be raining that day so dont bother making other plans.
Tell everyone you know,and I look forward to seeing all your smiling faces on the 24th!

Yours truly, Rachel

Edited to remove ALL CAPS SHOUTING from subject title.

LOL, cause the last thing you need when you’ve been drinking is for someone to be yelling! :smiley:

That’s after drinking isn’t it? Shouting during drinking is tolerated?

You got a grow-op there too Rach?

Welcome to HTMF!

Can’t wait!  See you there Rachel!